E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

It’s been a while since E.N.D. has released some new recordings. Still, judging by their latest material meaningfully named A Grave Deceit, this Croatian groove/thrash/math metal trio doesn’t have any intentions to stop in the nearer future. E.N.D. are continuously evolving into an even greater entity throughout nearly twenty-five years of their existence as a… Read More E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

Born Infected – Self Reflection CD (Engineer Records)

Born Infected is a brand new hardcore punk band based in Winterswijk, Netherlands. Perhaps the group is a newly established unit, but some of their band members are familiar names on the local scene. Ronald, Stan, and Patrick already played together in bands such as Past Our Means and Crawfish. With the addition of Pascal… Read More Born Infected – Self Reflection CD (Engineer Records)

Scaphoid – Absent Passages CD (Shunu Records)

Scaphoid is a progressive metal/post-rock act originating from Austin, Texas. This characteristic outlet is an alias of Matt Hobart, who’s fully responsible for writing, composing, and tremendous performance throughout the entire album. Absent Passages is his debut full-length recording comprised of eight profoundly detailed compositions. Previously, Scaphoid released Dies Mercurii, an extended play consisted of… Read More Scaphoid – Absent Passages CD (Shunu Records)

LMI – Excess Subconscious LP (Handstand Records / Maniyax Records)

LMI is an energetic post-hardcore/noise rock/punk trio emanating from Landsdale, Pennsylvania. The name represents an acronym for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals, which the group derived out of the lyrics for 21st Century Digital Boy by Bad Religion. Since their formation, LMI released quite an amount of recordings, such as Sleepwalker CD, LMI III 12″ EP, Far… Read More LMI – Excess Subconscious LP (Handstand Records / Maniyax Records)

Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

Secondhand Habit is a Canadian alternative rock quartet hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. The group is devoted to merging essentials of subgenres of alternative rock music since their formation. So far, they’ve released recordings such as Anaphylactic Rock EP, Chinese Whispers EP, and From The Ashes EP. The group toured Canada multiple times, featuring highlights… Read More Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

GreenThumb is a doom/sludge quartet originating from Alghero, Italy. There Are More Things is their second recording published a couple of years ago by Home Mort Records, an Italian recording label specialized in underground genres such as hardcore punk, doom, sludge, stoner rock, coldwave, and darkwave. There Are More Things carries three nearly depressive doom/sludge… Read More GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

Death By Stereo – We’re All Dying Just In Time LP (Indecision Records)

I could easily say I am into a long term relationship with the discography of this longstanding Californian band. My fascination with earlier works by Death By Stereo lasts for nearly two decades. The albums such as If Looks Could Kill, I’d Watch You Die, Day Of The Death, Into The Valley Of Death, Day… Read More Death By Stereo – We’re All Dying Just In Time LP (Indecision Records)