Eternal Struggle - Year Of The Gun CD - Demons Run Amok / Upstate Records

Eternal Struggle – Year Of The Gun CD (Demons Run Amok / Upstate Records)

Eternal Struggle - Year Of The Gun CD - Demons Run Amok / Upstate Recordings

Today I have a special treat for those who love their hardcore music hard, aggressive, relentless as much as possible. This band is a real deal, all-inclusive package, and it stacks all of these qualities as much as possible. After all, they caught the eye of Brian Mitts Daniels (Madball/Skarhead), who offered to the group to produce their debut full-length. Then Drew Stone of legendary Antidote/Stone Films NYC jumped to direct/film music videos for the bands. Ladies and gents, I introduce to you the Eternal Struggle, a hardcore powerhouse emanating from Tel Aviv, Israel. This quartet means business right from the start. Since their inception, these guys released a Breaking And Entering EP and a single named Falling Forward. Then the group took a break to write, compose, assemble the tunes for their debut full-length material, which I would like to talk about today.

Year Of The Gun is their highly anticipated full-length recording that carries fourteen tremendous hardcore numbers. The group heavily promoted this material with the singles such as Indoctrination, On Broken Backs, and Manifesto/Point One. All these tracks served as a perfect introduction for what’s about to come next. Year Of The Gun also involves guest appearances of Brian Mitts Daniels (Skarhead/Madball), Corey Ben Yehuda (Useless ID/Kids Insane/Mondo Gecko/SPIT), Jenia Finer (Efes Shalosh), Alon Karnieli (Sinnery), Evya Naor (Nidfakta/Dust) on gang vocals, and Alex Empire (Atari Teenage Riot), who remixed Eternal Struggle, the closing composition on this album. Soundwise, Eternal Struggle incorporates several derivates of hardcore music. Besides the dominant contemporary hardcore sound, you may hear how classic nineties NYHC, beatdown, sludge, metalcore, and metal inspired these musicians to shape up their sound. The band pays homage to all these subgenres nearly equally, with classic hardcore remaining the primary base of their heavy music.

Eternal Struggle thoroughly planned each segment of their album, and debuts like these are rare nowadays. From songwriting, composing to song structures, assembling, and arrangements, these guys considered every possible option until they reached perfection. The lyrics deal with local and global politics, hatred, war, religion, and other issues of contemporary society. Just as their music, Eternal Struggle also thought about this aspect of their material. The band emits an equal portion of old-school and contemporary hardcore maneuvers and acrobatics. The guitars sound heavy, robust, downtuned, but still, there’s enough roof for some classic fast-paced shreds, which are quite a characteristic of the early days. There’s a generous portion of groovy, downtuned chugs lurking around, perfectly paired with beatdowns. The relentless rhythm section offers thoughtfully assembled basslines and outstanding drumming performance. The feral vocals are offering another layer of aggression with powerful shoutouts and well-articulated screams. Eternal Struggle sounds flawless from scratch to finish, and it seems they feel comfortable performing this style.

Year Of The Gun comes in several vinyl variants, such as a golden heatwave camouflage (Demons Run Amok exclusive), and rusty green camouflage (Upstate Records exclusive). The album is also available on a compact disc housed in a jewel case and on all streaming platforms. Head over to Eternal Struggle Bandcamp page, Demons Run Amok, or Upstate Records for more detailed information about ordering this hardcore gem.




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