Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Grazil Records has already proved multiple times why they’re one of the best extreme underground music labels in Austria, but here’s another proof about it. Of course, this one also comes from the batch of records we received a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with Mandaground until I heard this release, but their name sounds… Read More Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Dog Soldier – Name Your Poison CD (SMTM Records)

Yesterday I wrote an article about Dog Soldier‘s upcoming unreleased album, and now, it’s time to go back a couple of years earlier and dive deep into their debut full-length. Name Your Poison unquestionably differs from the unreleased material a lot. While Shoot To Kill gathers genres like proto-grunge, grunge, punk rock, and psychedelic rock,… Read More Dog Soldier – Name Your Poison CD (SMTM Records)

Superflesh – L.O.V.E. CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Here’s some more music from Elitbolaget‘s versatile catalog. This time, I had a chance to taste the slightly mellower side of this Finnish label. As usual, it is one of the side projects that involves members of some other Elitbolaget’s bands, such as Bob Malmstrom and Trident. Superflesh is something like the Finnish answer to… Read More Superflesh – L.O.V.E. CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Bob Malmström – Välj Malmström CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Once again, I am digging deep into the box of Elitbolaget records in search of some older Bob Malmström recordings. You probably stumbled upon my previous reviews about their recordings, and the most recent write-up was about their Kejsarsnitt 7″ record. However, I decided to go a step further and write something about Välj Malmström,… Read More Bob Malmström – Välj Malmström CD EP (Elitbolaget)