Q: I have a band/project/label or I represent a public figure or a band. How can I send you an album for a reviewing?

A: You can send your physical release through regular mail. We strongly advise you to contact us at our email address: allroy13@gmail.com

Q: Do you also accept digital releases and digital promo packages?

A: No. Due to high demand and overcrowded inbox, we are not writing reviews for digital releases and digital promo packages.

Q: Yes, but what about your address? We need it so we can ship you some records.

A: The best way is to contact us through our email and we will give you the shipping address.

Q: What physical audio formats do you accept?

A: We accept vinyl, CD, cassettes or any other physical audio format.

Q: What about music genres?

A: We are mainly focused on punk rock and related subgenres of punk rock such as hardcore punk, anarcho-punk, crust punk, d-beat, powerviolence, grindcore, emo, but we are also accepting other music styles. (indie, shoegaze, post-rock, post-metal, metal, sludge, stoner, ambient, drone, industrial, harsh noise, noise, avant-garde…you name it, we cover it). Do not hesitate to contact us, even if you don’t see a particular genre/subgenre on the list.

Q: Do you accept any other goodies, merch, gifts…etc?

A: We love gifts, so surprise us if you want it, but it’s not necessary…

Q: I would like to advertise on your blog? How can I do that?

A: The best way is to contact us first.

Q: What about the donations?

A: Donations are crucial for our blog since we’re a non-profit and we are financing this blog from our own pockets. We already included buttons for Buy Me A Coffee and Patreon on our blog, so you can donate or become a patron of our blog. All the proceeds will go to the improvements of Thoughts Words Action blog.

Q: What about PayPal?

A: We do have PayPal, as well.

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