End Of Pipe – Mass Hysteria CD (Various Labels)

End Of Pipe has been pretty much active for almost a decade and a half, usually performing at the punk rock parties, and skateboarding championships. The group built up the sound based upon the nineties’ melodic punk cherished by the skateboarding culture. Originating from Florianópolis, these Brazilian punk rockers have published some decent recordings, such… Read More End Of Pipe – Mass Hysteria CD (Various Labels)

Parasit – Samhällets Paria LP (Phobia Records)

If you followed our articles in the past couple of months, you probably notice that d-beat / crust punk music has been our weapon of choice. We covered loads of brilliant records within these longevous subgenres, almost right after they hit the underground market. Samhällets Paria by Parasit is one of the latest releases published… Read More Parasit – Samhällets Paria LP (Phobia Records)