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  • Vince Chinaski – Eat Your Peas!

    Vince Chinaski – Eat Your Peas!

    After a series of singles like Never Painted Black, She Comes In Colours, Unconditional Love, and Opportunities, Danish artist Vince Chinaski returns with the first single this year that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of art-rock sound. Eat Your Peas follows the footsteps of previous compositions but in a more energetic way. There […]

  • Herds – Station Of The Cross

    Herds – Station Of The Cross

    Nottingham-based indie group Herds released their debut single a couple of days ago. Formed from the ashes of an alternative rock band, The Amber Herd, this new outlet showcases a much more progressive side of music through the introductory single. Perhaps Station Of The Cross carries the fundamentals of indie music, but there are many […]

  • OCNA – Because

    OCNA – Because

    We have another exceptional indie rock group on our pages. OCNA is an indie rock quartet from Brighton, UK, and Because is one of their compositions you surely don’t want to miss. It’s the third track from a series of singles this hardworking group launched in 2022. Perhaps OCNA explore the fundamentals of indie rock […]

  • Scarlet Mill – Sinking Man

    Scarlet Mill – Sinking Man

    Amsterdam-based alternative rock band Scarlet Mill recently released a new single called Sinking Man. It’s the sixth composition in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and their first track this year. Scarlet Mill continues to amaze with another calm, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic downtempo song that resembles the ambiance of their […]

  • EvilMrSod – Still Alive And Well CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

    EvilMrSod – Still Alive And Well CD (Keep It A Secret Records)

    We have a couple of more Keep It A Secret releases for your listening pleasures. This particular one dates from 2015, but it still sounds fresh. It’s the first time I am stumbling upon EvilMrSod, an interesting solo project that embraces so many genres under his belt. After doing some research, I found out this […]

  • Powder House – My Corner

    Powder House – My Corner

    After critically acclaimed singles such as Years and There You Go, Irish-based trio Powder House returns with another exceptional composition that will appeal to all the fans of an alternative rock sound. My Corner is their first single this year and a proper continuation of their previous works. However, it also includes some innovations in […]

  • Carson Ferris – Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

    Carson Ferris – Drive Alone (Acoustic Version)

    After releasing the excellent indie-pop single Drive Alone a couple of weeks ago, singer/songwriter Carson Ferris returns with an acoustic version. The song talks about the hard choices he had to make in his music career and following his instinct instead of listening to the pieces of advice provided by many. Unlike the original version […]

  • Gary Dranow – Something About You

    Gary Dranow – Something About You

    Park City-based musician Gary Dranow and his band recently released a new single called Something About You. It’s the fifth composition from a series of singles launched in 2022 and the first track in 2023. Something About You is a love song about a desperate man who finally meets the woman of his dreams. Soon, […]

  • Izzie Derry – I Don’t Know Why

    Izzie Derry – I Don’t Know Why

    After the series of singles such as Lost At Sea, Let This One Be Mine, In A Year, Learn To Grow, Fire, and Take It From Me, Brighton-based singer/songwriter Izzie Derry returns with another exceptional composition. I Don’t Know Why is the first single this year, and an appropriate continuation of her previous works. It’s […]

  • Fret Rattles – Live At The Hook And Ladder MCD

    Fret Rattles – Live At The Hook And Ladder MCD

    We had a chance to experience Fret Rattles’ studio works, but how this band sounds live? Thankfully, these folks sent out their live album in the latest batch of records, so now is more than adequate time to share my thoughts. Before I delve deep into this release, it’s good to mention that Fret Rattles […]

  • Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Like A Fire Engine

    Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat – Like A Fire Engine

    Dream Of A Man In A Top Hat keep their activities prolific as much as possible. Since 2022, this Boston-based post-punk duo has released Blunt Instrumentals EP, a full-length album called Sudden Return Of DOMIATH, and a series of singles like Unfamiliar Streets, All Time Is Borrowed Time, Cold Hard Dirt, Eggshell Minefield, Opposite Poles, […]