The New Mourning – When The Light Fades (Noise Appeal Records)

Here’s another beautiful release from Noise Appeal Records, a prolific Austrian record label that, as far as I know, doesn’t have any bad releases in their catalog. They proved my point with a new release that recently arrived at Thoughts Words Action headquarters. I wasn’t familiar with this band. After reading the press sheet, I… Read More The New Mourning – When The Light Fades (Noise Appeal Records)

Bowfinger – C’mon

After releasing the critically acclaimed EP release Ten Pence On The Returns in 2012 and a nearly decade-long break, British indie/pop-punk band Bowfinger returns with a highly anticipated single. Empowered with a production that satisfies all the contemporary trends in music production, brilliant ideas, and excellent musicianship, Bowfinger are ready to indulge listening apparatuses of… Read More Bowfinger – C’mon

Snake – Underdreams LP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Here’s another brilliant release that completely knocked my socks off. Of course, I could expect that immediately since Sound Of Subterrania has published this piece of sonic artistry. It’s nearly impossible to stumble upon an artist or band on their impressive roster and not be blown away by the sheer quality. Underdreams is a recently… Read More Snake – Underdreams LP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

New Rocket Union – Twin Cities Breakdown LP

After being blown away by their debut album, I awaited this weekend with anticipation to thoroughly listen to Twin Cities Breakdown, a recently released full-length by superb Ramonescore duo New Rocket Union. For those who missed my previous review about their self-titled debut, I can only advise you to stop wasting time and immediately check… Read More New Rocket Union – Twin Cities Breakdown LP

Bleeding Sun – Suffocated

Kansas-based melodic metal trio Bleeding Sun has released a debut single today. Perhaps Suffocated is their first piece of work, but Bleeding Sun immediately proves they’re not joking around. By listening to the initial notes and beats of this raging melodic metal anthem, you’ll immediately notice that you’re dealing with experienced musicians who’re more than… Read More Bleeding Sun – Suffocated

Ribbon Fix – Camp Fire Dares The Sun CD (Grafton Records)

There aren’t many emo recodings who survived the test of time, but luckily for Ribbon Fix, ongoing emo-revival entirely totally works in advantage of Camp Fire Dares The Sun, the full-length album released back in 1998. Just compare this full-length with some contemporary releases, and Camp Fire Dares The Sun could easily pass as one… Read More Ribbon Fix – Camp Fire Dares The Sun CD (Grafton Records)