Feed Lemon – Feed Lemon CD (Cold Soul Records)

Feed Lemon - Feed Lemon

The contemporary grunge scene is booming right now. The grunge revival is currently a big thing on an underground music scene, and there’s plenty of good bands out there who’re proudly carrying the torch of the greats who paved the way nearly three decades before them. Surprisingly, most of these new groups sound equally good as the originators, with a couple of them combining several other genres to enhance their sound even more. Feed Lemon is one of those relatively new bands that shine bright on the spotlight with their unique version of grunge sound. The group made a three-year gap between their debut single Happy Song until nowadays when they’re promoting their self-titled debut full-length album. Today, I would like to talk about this particular material bit more.

The album carries fourteen compelling compositions that are paying homage to the godfathers of grunge but also revealing some other interests of the Feed Lemon. Right with initial beats, it’s more than clear the bandmembers are highly experienced musicians who’re knee-deep in several complimentary music genres. Therefore, besides the sheer dominance of grunge, you may hear the interferences of punk rock, hardcore punk, hard rock, alternative rock, and indie rock. The group continuously balances between soothing numbers and highly aggressive tunes. Feed Lemon sounds nearly as dream pop, shoegaze, post-hardcore, post-rock band during these calmy numbers and prepares the ground for heavily distorted, robust, energetic guitar shreds. The band sounds impressive in both cases, mainly because of the catchy arrangements, cleverly assembled chord progressions, and relentless dynamics.

It’s nearly mindblowing how Feed Lemon assembled these compositions. No matter if we’re talking about mellow or loud tunes, you’ll be surprised by the amount of effort invested in these songs. There are layers upon layers of melodies piled up, but you won’t get the feeling this material is overwhelming the remaining instruments. Each instrument sounds equally defined and complex enough to keep your attention from scratch to finish. Each band member gives his best performance during the entire material. From hysterical to calmy lead vocals, delicate chord progressions, and robust riffages to fully-detailed bass lines and dynamic rhythmic performance, Feed Lemon showcases how grunge should sound in the 21st century. This self-titled debut full-length album is available on compact disc by Cold Soul Records. Still, you can check it out on streaming services, such as Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube if you’re more into digital music. Don’t miss this one out!

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