Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion

There are tons of brilliant indie rock artists and bands out there, doing the best they can to shine bright in the spotlight. The vast majority of these artists and bands are surprisingly good, defying the separation between quality and quantity. However, most of these outlets are sounding nearly identical, without striving to deliver something… Read More Arda & The Stolen Moon – Outsider In Perpetual Motion

Main Primate – …For The Lamplighters CD

The alternative scene is getting stronger every day, with outstanding new artists popping out from every possible direction. It seems like this pandemic only strengthened their determination to continue writing, composing, recording, and producing quality music. Perhaps Main Primate is one of those brand new artists that unquestionably deserves your utmost attention, but the man… Read More Main Primate – …For The Lamplighters CD

The Canarys – Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

The Canarys are a powerful duo emanating from New Orleans that took an interesting route while recording the debut album. These individuals decided to write a conceptual album about human connections, but the circumstances allowed these musicians to spend only a day in the studio before New Orleans shut down for Covid. Therefore, The Canarys… Read More The Canarys – Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

Forever Again – Resonate CD (Engineer Records)

Engineer Records are known for their diverse catalog that embraces melodic punk rock, skate punk, pop-punk, emo, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, indie rock, and alternative rock artists. Each new release is even more surprising, and the crew pays a lot of attention to deliver only the best artists/bands in the game. Resonate by Forever Again is… Read More Forever Again – Resonate CD (Engineer Records)


We already witnessed how musicians are collaborating between each other during the pandemic but INTERCONTINEN7AL uplifts everything on an entirely another level by connecting musicians from all seven continents. INTERCONTINEN7AL features 22 musicians who collaborated using the BandLab application to deliver a full-length recording consisting of twelve profoundly detailed compositions. The best part about this… Read More INTERCONTINEN7AL – INTERCONTINEN7AL

Decent Criminal – Bliss LP (Bearded Punk Records / Wiretap Records)

Here’s another outstanding record from Bearded Punk Records archives and probably the most unusual one in their catalog. Being known for its melodic punk rock/skate punk/pop-punk aesthetics, this prolific Belgian record label made quite an experiment with this album but nailed it once again. Perhaps the Bliss LP by Decent Criminal strays from the label’s… Read More Decent Criminal – Bliss LP (Bearded Punk Records / Wiretap Records)