Soulcase - Devour EP

Soulcase – Devour EP

Today, I would like to introduce a new Croatian alternative rock quintet that consists of experienced musicians. Seriously, these guys are not joking at all, and that fact is vividly hearable right with the initial beats of this extended play. Soulcase is coming from Rijeka, a Croatian town with a rich music background, so there’s no wonder why these guys sound so incredible. The most important thing about their sound is that you won’t even notice these guys are coming from the Balkan peninsula because their tunes sound otherwordly in so many cases. Recently, the guys from Soulcase sent me a compact disc for a review. Therefore, I would like to talk about this particular material today.

Devour EP contains four thoughtfully assembled alternative rock compositions. The reason why I said we’re dealing with experienced musicians is because these guys are providing so many sonic delicacies within these four numbers. Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock sound, Soulcase experiments with some other genres as well. You may hear the elements of alternative metal, indie rock, hard’n’heavy, sludge, stoner, and regular hard rock. Still, their music sounds way too modern to be classified under just one of these additional elements. The group thoroughly explores modern alternative rock but also applies a little bit of the beforementioned elements, so their music appears as a wisely performed contemporary alternative rock.

Soulcase also applies all the latest music trends in music and production to vividly illustrate all the messages they’re trying to convey through their music. The lead vocalist offers mid to high-pitched chants that are perfectly matching downtuned guitar shreds. Both guitars are sounding incredibly good. You may notice loads of powerful riffs, melodies, harmonies, octave themes, guitar licks, solos, and other sonic delicacies. You’ll solely enjoy their impressive musicianship from scratch to finish. The thoughtfully arranged semi-distorted basslines support both guitars but also acting as a compound element between guitars and drums. The rhythm section nails during the entire extended play with dynamic rhythms, clever accentuations, constant splashing over the cymbals and applyin drum fills when necessary. The group sounds and appears as unstoppable sonic machinery ready to create havoc. This material will be right up your alley if you’re into contemporary alternative rock, enhanced with complementary elements. Devour EP is available on compact disc directly from the band, but you can also listen to it on streaming services. Head over to the Soulcase Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.




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