Fenris Fuzz – Freaky Stories Of Daily Life CD EP (Eternalis Records)

Here’s a special treat for those who love their post-hardcore music heavy, fuzzy, abrasive, raw, and outstandingly performed. This release arrived at Thoughts Words Action headquarters among the others, but I decided to start with this one today because it’s fresh and sounds incredible. Freaky Stories Of Daily Life is a debut extended play by… Read More Fenris Fuzz – Freaky Stories Of Daily Life CD EP (Eternalis Records)

Fluid Underground – Crni Kilovati (Geenger Records)

Stoner and sludge became popular in recent years. To be more precise, they’re becoming even more popular each day, and tons of groups are playing these genres nowadays. Still, most of them are mimicking old-school sound or going deep into experimentations that often sound unbearable. It could seem like a difficult task for inexperienced listeners… Read More Fluid Underground – Crni Kilovati (Geenger Records)

In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP (Geenger Records)

I have to admit I awaited this record with anticipation since I am familiar with the sound of this band. In From The Cold are no strangers to the local and regional sludge scene. After all, the members are veterans of the underground scene and previously played in groups such as Drawbacks, That Shining Star,… Read More In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP (Geenger Records)

Oktoplut – Le Démon Normal LP (Slam Disques)

So far, I have learned that Slam Disques embraces a wide variety of diverse genres under its branch. Therefore, their roster is quite unique and offers something for everyone. No matter what genre you’re into, Slam Disques unquestionably deserves to pay them a visit. I wasn’t familiar with Oktoplut before, but I will repeal that… Read More Oktoplut – Le Démon Normal LP (Slam Disques)