Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

Secondhand Habit is a Canadian alternative rock quartet hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. The group is devoted to merging essentials of subgenres of alternative rock music since their formation. So far, they’ve released recordings such as Anaphylactic Rock EP, Chinese Whispers EP, and From The Ashes EP. The group toured Canada multiple times, featuring highlights… Read More Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

GreenThumb is a doom/sludge quartet originating from Alghero, Italy. There Are More Things is their second recording published a couple of years ago by Home Mort Records, an Italian recording label specialized in underground genres such as hardcore punk, doom, sludge, stoner rock, coldwave, and darkwave. There Are More Things carries three nearly depressive doom/sludge… Read More GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)

Today, we’re covering one of the greatest stoner/sludge split releases in the recent history of the local underground scene. Both bands are coming from Belgrade, Serbia and they’re familiar on the underground scene, so Menhir LP was a logical releasing project which has been supported by a couple of eminent record labels. What has been… Read More In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)