Heckspoiler – Synthetik Athletik LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Heckspoiler is an interesting Austrian duo that lurks around for a while. Their musical direction can’t be easily defined, but it’s so addictive, so you’ll probably spend some time researching their work. The group previously published three volumes of Cracktickertape EP, each containing six numbers per release. Soon after that, they appeared on a split… Read More Heckspoiler – Synthetik Athletik LP (Noise Appeal Records)

HYLE – Weapons I’ve Earned LP (Various Labels)

Weapons I’ve Earned is a debut full-length by HYLE, a d-beat/crust punk quartet from Bologna, Italy. Previously, the group published a cassette with three songs named ὕλη and a seven-inch EP called Malakia. The group also stands out for anarchism, anarcho-feminism, antifascism, anti-authoritarian beliefs, and follows the good old DIY ethics. Judging by the cover… Read More HYLE – Weapons I’ve Earned LP (Various Labels)

Kevlar Bikini – OUT-OPTism LP (Geenger Records)

OUT-OPTism is the fourth full-length album by Kevlar Bikini. These Croatian heavyweights have been active since 2010, and have published some quality records, but this is actually their second record as a trio. However, that doesn’t stop them to produce a wide array of technically demanding compositions. Quite the contrary, Kevlar Bikini gets even better… Read More Kevlar Bikini – OUT-OPTism LP (Geenger Records)

In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)

Today, we’re covering one of the greatest stoner/sludge split releases in the recent history of the local underground scene. Both bands are coming from Belgrade, Serbia and they’re familiar on the underground scene, so Menhir LP was a logical releasing project which has been supported by a couple of eminent record labels. What has been… Read More In From The Cold / Nula – Menhir LP (Various Labels)