Come The Spring – Echoes CD (Engineer Records)

Echoes is a third album by Brighton-based alt-rockers Come The Spring, but I would not necessarily classify them as an alternative rock band, because there’s certainly more than meets the eye. Sure, they contain all the possible qualities of a classic alternative band, but for me, they’re more into emo/indie group sound than the remaining… Read More Come The Spring – Echoes CD (Engineer Records)

Amalia Bloom – Maiden Voyage CD (Engineer Records)

Amalia Bloom originates from Vicenza, and Maiden Voyage is one of their latest offerings to the broader audience. This Italian emotive post-hardcore quintet has been active for a while, paving their way to the top with a profoundly melodic, but yet delicate approach to the genre. The group worked hard since the formation at the… Read More Amalia Bloom – Maiden Voyage CD (Engineer Records)

Sleave – Don’t Expect Anything CD (Engineer Records)

There’s something about groups who merge alternative with melodic punk rock music. The vast portion of these groups incorporates exact measurements of each ingredient to highlight particular moments in their music, but eventually, these examinations grow into something much monolithic. Sleave is one of the beforementioned bands that possess the common sense and knowledge about… Read More Sleave – Don’t Expect Anything CD (Engineer Records)

End Of Pipe – Mass Hysteria CD (Various Labels)

End Of Pipe has been pretty much active for almost a decade and a half, usually performing at the punk rock parties, and skateboarding championships. The group built up the sound based upon the nineties’ melodic punk cherished by the skateboarding culture. Originating from Florianópolis, these Brazilian punk rockers have published some decent recordings, such… Read More End Of Pipe – Mass Hysteria CD (Various Labels)

The Idoru – Old Songs 7” (Black Star Foundation)

The Idoru is back! The group emerging from the legendary Hungarian metalcore band Newborn is back after being on hiatus for nearly a decade. The band managed dozen of underground headliner tours throughout Europe since their formation in 2003 and released the impressive amount of great recordings such as After The Storm demo, Brand New… Read More The Idoru – Old Songs 7” (Black Star Foundation)

PVST / Meüte – Split LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)

Voice Of The Unheard has been active in recent months by publishing some exceptional records regarding genres such as emo, screamo, indie, post-rock, and punk rock. Some of these genres could be a risky investment considering their popularity, but Voice Of The Unheard uses common sense and picks up the bands worth releasing on vinyl… Read More PVST / Meüte – Split LP (Voice Of The Unheard Records)

Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Coilguns are operating as a complex singular sonic mechanism based on technical harmonizations, chaotic melodic sequences, massive drop-tuned riffages, and mathematically precise drumbeats. These skillful Swiss musicians are hailing from La Chaux De Fonds, and their existence is solely based on firing sonic equations stacked within highly energetic clusters. The band has delivered loads of… Read More Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)