Stubborn Will - Contempt EP - Engineer Records

Stubborn Will – Contempt CD EP (Engineer Records)

Here’s another one from the recent Engineer Records batch. I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with this group, but their sound blew me away as soon as I pressed play. Stubborn Will is a brand new melodic hardcore trio from Spokane, Washington, USA. As far as I am informed, this particular recording is their debut material, but the group already released a couple of singles, such as Grieved and Contempt. Everything about Stubborn Will is unique. From their characteristic sound to visual aesthetics, the group pays a lot of attention to every single detail. Therefore, I would like to talk a little bit more about their debut extended play named Contempt.

Contempt carries five energetic melodic hardcore compositions that will suit even the pickiest fans of modern hardcore. However, Stubborn Will incorporated even more ingredients into their sound. Besides the sheer dominance of melodic hardcore, you may also notice some elements of post-hardcore, hardcore punk, metalcore, melodic punk rock, pop-punk indie, and emo. The trio experiments with all these ingredients, but somehow remains loyal to melodic hardcore direction. Stubborn Will invests equal shares of calmness, emotiveness, aggression, and dynamics into their music. Their music easily transits from aggressive and energetic segments into more melodic, calmy, soothing parts, but the group also gets back to robust modern hardcore waters with such ease. Each composition offers countless sonic delicacies, melodies, harmonies, themes, chord progressions, powerful shreds, and it’s nearly mindblowing how the trio stacked up all these ideas within five songs.

Each number has a perfect structure, every segment is thoughtfully assembled and arranged, so you’ll solely enjoy it from scratch to finish. The screaming lead vocals are adding even more aggression over the top, but somehow you’ll notice emotiveness punching somewhere from beneath. Stubborn Will embraces every single subgenre of hardcore music under its branch, and the group does it pretty damn well. No matter if you’re into melodic hardcore or not, you’ll love this material. Contempt EP comes on compact disc and digital. You can pre-order it at Engineer Records. Head over to their website for more information about ordering.



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