Barking Poets - Back To Abnormal CD EP - Engineer Records

Barking Poets – Back To Abnormal CD EP (Engineer Records)

Here are more brand new releases from Engineer Records. A couple of their latest releases recently arrived in Thoughts Words Action headquarters, so now it’s the right time to talk a little bit more about them. For those who paid attention to these pages, Engineer Records is more than just a familiar name on the global punk rock scene. This tireless UK record label continuously publishes outstanding melodic punk rock, pop-punk, emo, indie, hardcore, post-hardcore recordings, and all these recordings sound superb. Back To Abnormal by Barking Poets is one of their latest releases worth mentioning. This punk rock quartet comes from London, UK, and this particular extended play is actually their debut.

Back To Abnormal contains six interesting melodic punk rock compositions that will be right up the alley for those who’re looking out for a more classic punk rock sound. The group blends classic punk rock, contemporary melodic punk rock but also adds up smaller chunks of indie rock in the mix. You may notice how the greats like The Clash, Ramones, The Jam, The Who, The Kinks inspired their classic punk rock side, but also bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Rancid, Green Day, Frank Turner, Frank Turner inspired their contemporary punk rock side. The indie-rock comes somewhere in between. You’ll notice some classic indie rock maneuvers along the way, but these maneuvers are so subtle. This style suits the group like a charm, and that’s hearable in their ear-appealing tunes. You may stumble upon some elements of folk-rock as well.

Barking Poets solely rely upon powerful chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, themes, and simplistic but effective solos. Powerful low-end tones are punching right from beneath and support both guitars throughout the entire material. The rhythm section delivers loads of dynamics through thoughtfully assembled beats, accentuations, and fills. Barking Poets are so good at emulating late seventies punk rock sound. The group will almost instantly throw you into the golden days of classic punk rock. If you’re into that type of sound, then Barking Poets will be right up your alley. Back To Abnormal is currently up for pre-order at Engineer Records. The release date is set for October 1st. Head over to Engineer Records for more information about ordering.




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