V/A – Continent Tapes Vol. II (Dr. Skap Records)

Recently I wrote a review about Continent Tapes, a various artist sampler released by Dr. Skap Records. The label managed to gather, assemble, and release a compilation featuring 50 European punk rock bands just before the pandemic spread across the globe. If you thought this project was courageous enough, wait until you hear this one.… Read More V/A – Continent Tapes Vol. II (Dr. Skap Records)

Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Grazil Records has already proved multiple times why they’re one of the best extreme underground music labels in Austria, but here’s another proof about it. Of course, this one also comes from the batch of records we received a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with Mandaground until I heard this release, but their name sounds… Read More Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Trident – Jezebel CD EP (Elitbolaget)

Here’s another dosage of heavy music from the recent Elitbolaget package. This time we’re traveling back to 2008 when Trident unleashed one of their debut demo recordings. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this group, Trident is a Finnish metal/hardcore band that comes from Porvoo. It includes Matias and Wille, who formed… Read More Trident – Jezebel CD EP (Elitbolaget)

The Static Wake – Natural Selection

Cleveland, Ohio-based metalcore quintet The Static Wake recently released their first single in 2022. The band shares its thoughts about several topics that struck humankind for many years. Climate change, corruption, and nuclear war are just some of the themes The Static Wake covered through Natural Selection, which unquestionably resonates with so much power both… Read More The Static Wake – Natural Selection

Bronze – Ticking Bomb LP (Geenger Records)

Today we have one of the latest releases from a recent Geenger Records batch. Just like Isolation Blues by In From The Cold, this one also suffered some delays in vinyl production due to the messed-up logistics in the vinyl factory. That’s not a surprise considering most of the record labels/vinyl manufacturers postponed some of… Read More Bronze – Ticking Bomb LP (Geenger Records)

Become One – Subsidence CD EP (New Morality Zine)

It’s been a while since I wrote about the hardcore bands on these pages, so pay close attention to this particular release. Become One is a long-running Long Island hardcore group. The band exists since the late nineties and has a couple of releases in the catalog. Therefore, it’s known only to die-hard fans of… Read More Become One – Subsidence CD EP (New Morality Zine)