Ha Det Bra - Societea For Two LP - Geenger Records / PDV Records

Ha Det Bra – Societea For Two LP (Geenger Records / PDV Records)

Ha Det Bra - Societea For Two LP - Geenger Records / PDV Records

Once again, I am dusting off shelves in Geenger Records headquarters, and today, I picked up a post-hardcore treat for every true fan of the genre. If you’re profoundly into anything post-hardcore, hardcore, noise rock, or just another music geek who’s compulsively obsessed with the depths of underground music, then you probably heard for Ha Det Bra. This Croatian group ravaged the stages across the region since the early nineties with a technically demanding, aggressive, crude approach to several beforementioned genres. Since 1993, Ha Det Bra released Burn The Maid CS EP, Peasant Girl CS, Promo Tape CS EP, Crane 59 CS, Ha Det Bra CS, and Societea For Two LP. The band went on indefinite hiatus in the middle of their career, then got back to release Societea For Two, but after a while vanished from the music radar once again. Still, some band members are active on the local scene in one way or another. It’s also good to mention that Societea For Two comes on vinyl, released in collaboration between Geenger Records and PDV Records.

What I really like about post-hardcore, noise rock, screamo recordings is the relevance. You could release this material back in the early nineties or just a couple of days ago, and it will remain equally relevant. Somehow, all these subgenres carry a healthy dosage of experimentations that keep the music fresh, unique, and far from potential oblivion. That’s the case with Societea For Two because this material possesses anything you could possibly demand from the genres listed above. Maybe it’s also due to the songs which previously found their places on the earlier tapes, but this time they’re enhanced with better production. Whatever may be the case, it entirely works to the advantage of the band and this release. There’s no slightest doubt in my mind that you’ll find something for yourself among fourteen powerful, anger-driven, raw compositions.

Ha Det Bra solely relies upon the atmosphere that gradually becomes more eerie, dark, melancholic, and melodic. Still, the group doesn’t lack dynamics, energy, and aggression. Quite the contrary, it seems Ha Det Bra is maintaining the right amount of dynamic across the entire material, if not becoming even more dynamic as the album approaches towards the end. Musicwise, you can’t compare Ha Det Bra with any other group because their style is quite unique. Sure, there are some similarities with renowned noise rock, post-hardcore, hardcore, screamo groups, but Ha Det Bra keeps their music as inimitable as possible. Just imagine a slightly modern approach to the classics of these genres, and you’ll get an idea of how Ha Det Bra sounds. Also, do not forget more loads of melancholy, impressive melodies, catchy chord progressions, semi distorted basslines, and powerful rhythmic maneuvers along the way. Societea For Two is a must-have for those who love their music crude, melodic, and energetic. The vinyl record is available at Geenger Records and PDV Records but act fast if you want to grab a copy. For those who prefer streaming services, you can listen to the album on preferred platforms.




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