Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Here’s another brilliant release from the Grazil Records batch. It’s nearly mindblowing how many versatile artists and bands this prolific record label carries on its roster. You can stumble upon every possible music genre by scrolling down their pages. Just name it, they have it. Come System is unquestionably one of those unique bands that’re… Read More Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Ceyeo – Broken

Chicago-based alternative rock artist Ceyeo recently released a new single. Broken is the third composition from the series of singles launched this year, which announces the upcoming full-length album named Machine Learning, set for release in August 2022. The song also includes a guest back-vocal appearance from Liliia Kysil, a Ukrainian artist living through ongoing… Read More Ceyeo – Broken

Saturn Through My Telescope – If I Told You I Missed You Every Time I Did, You’d Never Hear The End Of It

German post-rock quartet Saturn Through My Telescope has released a new composition today. Every Time I Talk To You, It’s Like I Open Up A Part Of My Heart And Let You Look Inside is their debut number that showcases a comprehensive collection of various genres mixed all together into a soothing and ear-appealing slab of harmonious… Read More Saturn Through My Telescope – If I Told You I Missed You Every Time I Did, You’d Never Hear The End Of It

Keanu Ienco – Indigo

Native American/Canadian post-rock artist Keanu Ienco has recently unleashed another outstanding single that showcases his tremendous writing, composing, producing skills. Indigo represents his second single published in 2022 that comes right after critically acclaimed number named I Still Shine. Keanu Ienco continues his journey through the vast post-rock universe built upon thoughtfully assembled guitar shreds,… Read More Keanu Ienco – Indigo

IWLD – I’m Trying

UK-based solo artist IWLD recently released a debut single. I’m Trying leans towards calmer and slower post-rock waters, decorated by dozen elements borrowed from complementary genres. Besides the sheer dominance of soothing post-rock sound, there are vividly hearable sonic ingredients taken from genres such as cinematic ambient, classic ambient, downtempo, shoegaze, dream pop, and indie… Read More IWLD – I’m Trying

Malin Wättring – I Want The Truth

After being established as a saxophonist and composer on the modern jazz scene, Swedish artist, musician, and composer Malin Wättring decided to sail into different musical waters. These sonic explorations resulted in outstanding debut composition named I Want The Truth, available on streaming services today. This particular number leads the listener on a calmy, relaxing,… Read More Malin Wättring – I Want The Truth