Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Grazil Records has already proved multiple times why they’re one of the best extreme underground music labels in Austria, but here’s another proof about it. Of course, this one also comes from the batch of records we received a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with Mandaground until I heard this release, but their name sounds… Read More Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Cadavre De Schnaps – Unlearning By Doing CD EP (Barhill Records)

Recently I got another batch of CDs from Rookie Records, so it’s time for some German underground music. This time, I decided to start with Cadavre De Schnaps, mainly because I wasn’t familiar with their work. I am not going to lie, there’s a lot of things going on in their music, and I love… Read More Cadavre De Schnaps – Unlearning By Doing CD EP (Barhill Records)