Jem Doulton Shares Another Outstanding Single

Jem Doulton WIth Thurston Moore Band
Jem Doulton With Thurston Moore Group / Photo by L. Orseau

Jem Doulton recently unleashed another brilliant single named Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes). Like all his previous singles, this number is also part of his upcoming full-length album, scheduled for release next year. As you probably already know, he always includes fellow colleagues, musicians who collaborated, shared the stage, or still perform in several groups with him. It is not an exception at Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes) either, because Doulton included Rachel Kenedy and Sam Ayres at this particular track. You’ll solely enjoy Kenedy’s soothing, relaxing, cathartic, hypnotic vocal maneuvers while Ayres delivers divine melodies and harmonies on guitar. It’s a track made with the purpose to tickle all the senses, and Jem Doulton unquestionably succeeded in it.

Jem Doulton WIth Thurston Moore Band
Photo by Chris Floyd / Art Direction by Aude Debout

Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes) carries a dreamy, shoegazey, cinematic ambient, drone music atmosphere, supported with enormous dosages of psychedelic melodies, harmonies, soundscapes, and other sonic delicacies. The rhythm section also plays one of the main roles throughout the entire composition, and you’ll solely enjoy vividly hearable basslines and slightly synth rhythms. As usual, Jem pushes this number on the experimental side, but it also differs from the previous tunes he shared with the auditorium. Love Ain’t Enough (Sometimes) leans more towards ear-appealing ambient music, and there’s no doubt that you’ll fall in love with this track. The single is available for listening on streaming platforms.

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