Johns – Night Market CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Johns is an extremely energetic noise rock/post-hardcore quartet from Buffalo, New York. The group comprises of John Toohill on vocals and guitars, Nick Gordon on guitars, Sean Kader on bass and Ryan McMullen on drums. Night Market is their second offering to the broader audiences, with eleven compelling compositions that are tearing everything apart with… Read More Johns – Night Market CS (Swimming Faith Records)

The Happy Sun – S/T LP (Noise Appeal Records)

The Happy Sun is another moniker of Gerhard Potuznik, a very prolific Austrian electronic artist whose career spans almost four decades. He began producing music in the early eighties, recorded numerous recordings under various aliases, and collaborated with dozen of artists during the years. Of course, his musical endeavors haven’t passed unnoticed, so he has… Read More The Happy Sun – S/T LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Horse Lords – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy Records)

The Common Task is a brand new album by Horse Lords, a very creative group of musicians coming from Baltimore, Maryland. The quartet has started its musical voyage in 2010, and so far has released numerous amount of excellent full-length recordings, such as a Horse Lords LP in 2012, Hidden Cities LP in 2014, Interventions… Read More Horse Lords – The Common Task LP (Northern Spy Records)

Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Coilguns are operating as a complex singular sonic mechanism based on technical harmonizations, chaotic melodic sequences, massive drop-tuned riffages, and mathematically precise drumbeats. These skillful Swiss musicians are hailing from La Chaux De Fonds, and their existence is solely based on firing sonic equations stacked within highly energetic clusters. The band has delivered loads of… Read More Coilguns – Watchwinders LP (Hummus Records)

Kevlar Bikini – OUT-OPTism LP (Geenger Records)

OUT-OPTism is the fourth full-length album by Kevlar Bikini. These Croatian heavyweights have been active since 2010, and have published some quality records, but this is actually their second record as a trio. However, that doesn’t stop them to produce a wide array of technically demanding compositions. Quite the contrary, Kevlar Bikini gets even better… Read More Kevlar Bikini – OUT-OPTism LP (Geenger Records)

Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

Hightime is an amazing mashup of various genres coming from Adelaide, Australia. Thrive is their brand new 7” record that has been announced on the social media a while ago. By mashup, I mean tons of well-incorporated influences ranging from highly addictive fundamentals of melodic skate punk and jazz to perfectly arranged elements of reggae… Read More Hightime – Thrive 7” (Pee Records)

Spinners – Operation: Breakout CD (Sideshow Records)

We’re beholding a post-hardcore revival in the last couple of years, and to be fair, there’s a lot of exceptional albums recorded by immensely good bands all over the world. This spectacular subgenre of hardcore punk music has made a tremendous comeback on the scene with its recognizable blend of creativeness, dynamics, so it surely… Read More Spinners – Operation: Breakout CD (Sideshow Records)