Enraged Monkeys – No Compromise CD (Hicktown Records)

This band caught my attention even before I heard their debut single Leave The Sea. As a longtime fan of Planet Of The Apes movies, comics, books, and the entire franchise, I couldn’t avoid this band by any means. I was even more surprised no one ever considered this franchise for a possible visual/thematical aesthetics… Read More Enraged Monkeys – No Compromise CD (Hicktown Records)

V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Back in the pre-digital era, various artists’ compilations and samplers acted as the crucial source for discovering fresh music. It was a convenient way to promote the latest singles, announce albums or introduce brand new artists/bands to the broader auditorium. Then the digital era commenced, and digital singles replaced regular 7″ records, compilations, and samplers.… Read More V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

This gem recently came to our headquarters. I was not familiar with this group until Bloodshed666 Records pointed me out to their music. What’s undoubtfully special about this band is how they combine several genres to achieve a certain ambiance. Phal:Angst sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, mainly because of their experimentations that you would… Read More Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

Desolat – Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy 12″ Picture Disc (Bloodshed666 Records)

It’s been a while since I covered a band like this on our pages. Desolat is a relatively new Austrian band based in Vienna, which arose from the ashes of sludge/stoner group Cyruss. Since 2018, Desolat appeared on a couple of compilations such as Ihr Werdet Euch Noch Weundern and 1998-2018: 20 Years BloodshedD666 Records.… Read More Desolat – Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy 12″ Picture Disc (Bloodshed666 Records)

Bigg Men – Bigg Men CS (Home Mort Records)

Our devoted readers probably stumbled upon the releases published by Home Mort Records, a Sardinian record label highly dedicated to DIY ethics. For those who are unfamiliar with this independent record label, you may expect a comprehensive collection of various genres, such as crust punk, d-beat, melodic hardcore, powerviolence, post-punk, doom metal, doom rock, sludge,… Read More Bigg Men – Bigg Men CS (Home Mort Records)