Phal:Angst - Phase IV DLP - Bloodshed666 Records

Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

Phal:Angst - Phase IV DLP - Bloodshed666 Records

This gem recently came to our headquarters. I was not familiar with this group until Bloodshed666 Records pointed me out to their music. What’s undoubtfully special about this band is how they combine several genres to achieve a certain ambiance. Phal:Angst sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, mainly because of their experimentations that you would assume will never work out altogether in harmony. Nevertheless, this magnificent Austrian group proved these experimentations are working like a charm when these ingredients are dosed in the right amounts. Since their formation in 2006, Phal:Angst released several recordings, such as Для Одной Руки, Shiver With Cold, Black Country, Black Country Revisited, and Phase IV. Today, I would like to talk a bit more about Phase IV.

Phase IV represents their fourth full-length studio release that carries seven compositions, separated onto two vinyl records. Besides five regular numbers, this material contains two remixes of Despair and The Books, done by Deadverse and JK FLESH. Phal:Angst stands out from the vast sea of similar artists/groups, mainly because of the beforementioned experimentations with several genres. The group explores aesthetics of industrial and post-rock music, but like it’s usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye. Besides being profoundly into industrial and post-rock sound, Phal:Angst digs deep into the obscurities of EBM, doom, goth, post-punk, ambient, and drone music. What surprises me the most is how these combinations are working well together without spoiling the initial aesthetics of the group.

The atmosphere during the entire album is nearly mindblowing. Phal:Angst infuses generous servings of doom metal into the industrial rhythmic section but still manages to involve other ingredients along the way. You may hear how ambiance works in harmony with EBM and drone while vividly hearable goth, post-rock and post-punk aesthetics layer these orchestrations with darkened melodies. The distortion delivered through powerful riffages perfectly matches the robustness of the bass guitar. Both instruments are mainly responsible for the massive sound of the group, but they’re certainly kicking it in only when it’s necessary. Phase IV unquestionably leans towards calmy tones, overwhelmed by beautiful, detailed, darkened melodies and harmonies delivered by keyboards and rhythm section.

This recording will be right up your alley if you’re looking out for profoundly detailed, thoroughly planned, flawlessly executed industrial music performed with so much sense for balance. Phase IV comes on a double vinyl record, housed in a high-quality gatefold packaging. Head over to Bloodshed666 Records for more detailed information about ordering.



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