V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Back in the pre-digital era, various artists’ compilations and samplers acted as the crucial source for discovering fresh music. It was a convenient way to promote the latest singles, announce albums or introduce brand new artists/bands to the broader auditorium. Then the digital era commenced, and digital singles replaced regular 7″ records, compilations, and samplers.… Read More V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

This gem recently came to our headquarters. I was not familiar with this group until Bloodshed666 Records pointed me out to their music. What’s undoubtfully special about this band is how they combine several genres to achieve a certain ambiance. Phal:Angst sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, mainly because of their experimentations that you would… Read More Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

Desolat – Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy 12″ Picture Disc (Bloodshed666 Records)

It’s been a while since I covered a band like this on our pages. Desolat is a relatively new Austrian band based in Vienna, which arose from the ashes of sludge/stoner group Cyruss. Since 2018, Desolat appeared on a couple of compilations such as Ihr Werdet Euch Noch Weundern and 1998-2018: 20 Years BloodshedD666 Records.… Read More Desolat – Songs Of Love In The Age Of Anarchy 12″ Picture Disc (Bloodshed666 Records)

Bigg Men – Bigg Men CS (Home Mort Records)

Our devoted readers probably stumbled upon the releases published by Home Mort Records, a Sardinian record label highly dedicated to DIY ethics. For those who are unfamiliar with this independent record label, you may expect a comprehensive collection of various genres, such as crust punk, d-beat, melodic hardcore, powerviolence, post-punk, doom metal, doom rock, sludge,… Read More Bigg Men – Bigg Men CS (Home Mort Records)

Feinted – Annihilation CS (Home Mort Records)

Feinted is an abrasive Italian d-beat hardcore group emanating from Milan. The group is lurking around the scene, but it keeps a low profile as much as possible. There’s a lack of information about group activities, and it seems that the Feinted is popping up sporadically with new releases. Since their formation, Feinted released a… Read More Feinted – Annihilation CS (Home Mort Records)

GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)

GreenThumb is a doom/sludge quartet originating from Alghero, Italy. There Are More Things is their second recording published a couple of years ago by Home Mort Records, an Italian recording label specialized in underground genres such as hardcore punk, doom, sludge, stoner rock, coldwave, and darkwave. There Are More Things carries three nearly depressive doom/sludge… Read More GreenThumb – There Are More Things CD (Home Mort Records)