Tears Of Fire – Relics Of Ancient Love CS (Grazil Records)

Let’s get back into some heavier music waters. Today, I will be talking about another release published by Grazil Records. Relics Of Ancient Love is the latest full-length album by Tears Of Fire, an international doom metal band based in Berlin, Germany. The group includes musicians from Germany, Iran, and Sweden, but that doesn’t stop… Read More Tears Of Fire – Relics Of Ancient Love CS (Grazil Records)

In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP (Geenger Records)

I have to admit I awaited this record with anticipation since I am familiar with the sound of this band. In From The Cold are no strangers to the local and regional sludge scene. After all, the members are veterans of the underground scene and previously played in groups such as Drawbacks, That Shining Star,… Read More In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP (Geenger Records)

Enraged Monkeys – No Compromise CD (Hicktown Records)

This band caught my attention even before I heard their debut single Leave The Sea. As a longtime fan of Planet Of The Apes movies, comics, books, and the entire franchise, I couldn’t avoid this band by any means. I was even more surprised no one ever considered this franchise for a possible visual/thematical aesthetics… Read More Enraged Monkeys – No Compromise CD (Hicktown Records)

V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Back in the pre-digital era, various artists’ compilations and samplers acted as the crucial source for discovering fresh music. It was a convenient way to promote the latest singles, announce albums or introduce brand new artists/bands to the broader auditorium. Then the digital era commenced, and digital singles replaced regular 7″ records, compilations, and samplers.… Read More V/A – Grazil Records & Friends Vol. 1. (Grazil Records)

Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)

This gem recently came to our headquarters. I was not familiar with this group until Bloodshed666 Records pointed me out to their music. What’s undoubtfully special about this band is how they combine several genres to achieve a certain ambiance. Phal:Angst sounds like nothing you’ve heard before, mainly because of their experimentations that you would… Read More Phal:Angst – Phase IV DLP (Bloodshed666 Records)