Divine Decadence – Purple Dress

French goth-rock duo Divine Decadence brings a cathartic experience for all those into cinematic-ambient rock music. Their debut single delves deep into cinematic soundscapes usually hearable in horror, thriller, and western movies, but with a delicate touch of avant-garde twist. Besides their ultimate love for great movie scores, the duo explores the foundations of goth… Read More Divine Decadence – Purple Dress

Honey For Petzi – Observations + Descriptions CD (Two Gentlemen)

The Swiss music scene stands strong according to the artists/bands I had a chance to listen to in the past couple of years. Swiss groups and artists always push the boundaries of known and lesser-known genres to the max, so even if you stumble upon a regular indie band, there are high possibilities you’ll listen… Read More Honey For Petzi – Observations + Descriptions CD (Two Gentlemen)

Ester Poly – Wet LP (Hummus Records)

Here’s another recent release by Hummus Records, a record label based in La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this record label, Hummus Records usually releases experimental artists, but the entire catalog is surprisingly good. I had the privilege to listen and review a decent amount of their… Read More Ester Poly – Wet LP (Hummus Records)

Hemendex – Reset 2 CD (Geenger Records)

Here’s another retrospective review as part of digging through the rich history of Geenger Records. This prolific Croatian label released this particular recording ten years ago, but this extended play still sounds relevant today, in times when the new wave is receiving another well-deserved revival treatment. Hemendex (broken English phrase for ham and eggs) is… Read More Hemendex – Reset 2 CD (Geenger Records)

NKOS – From Dust To Life CS (Beatbuzz Records)

One of the special treats on the menu today is a highly anticipated debut material by a promising electronic group. Their music spans over several diverse but complementary genres that keep this outstanding material entertaining from scratch to finish. NKOS are a brand new name on an underground music scene with just several singles in… Read More NKOS – From Dust To Life CS (Beatbuzz Records)

Hiraki – Stumbling Through These Walls LP (Nefarious Industries)

It has been a while since I wrote about a band like this. Whoever talked about music with me got the idea that love for noise rock and post-hardcore music lurks somewhere inside. Therefore, this band came like a bit of pleasant surprise that unquestionably made my day. Hiraki is a powerful Danish trio that… Read More Hiraki – Stumbling Through These Walls LP (Nefarious Industries)