Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

Fashion Bird Danger Danger is a psychedelic pop supergroup consisting of John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui (Late Cambrian), Matthew Milligan and Joey Slater (Wheatus), Lisa Hammer (Mors Syphilitica, Triana Orpheus on Venture Bros), and Levi Wilson (Radiana). These highly experienced musicians shared samples and ideas back and forth between August and December of 2020, during… Read More Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Sometimes instead of composing music about serious issues that globally struck upon humankind on a regular basis, musicians feel an urge to record music about hilarious stuff that no one would ever think. Captain Frederickson is one of those groups focusing on the humorous side of life, but still, the group supports charities with their… Read More Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Of Shadows And Lights – Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts

Of Shadows And Lights is a moniker of Angelo Pitone, accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer from Bari, Italy. Besides being an educated, experienced, and highly skilled musician, Angelo is a critically acclaimed artist, supported by an endless list of music websites, blogs, radio stations, podcasts, and Spotify playlists. There’s no even the tiniest sparkle of… Read More Of Shadows And Lights – Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts

V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Once again, prolific Croatian independent label PDV Records teamed up with Slovenian DeepEnd Movement to deliver another dosage of contemporary electronic music. This time, Chapter 2 presents four artists, so this compilation resembles more of a four-way split release than an actual compilation album. Nevertheless, if we put those unimportant aspects aside and place involved… Read More V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Gisaza is a mysterious dubstep outlet presumably originating from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The enigmatic producer refuses to reveal his true identity and solely focuses on his musical expression to articulate with the broader auditorium. Gisaza’s slightly grimy approach to dubstep sound goes beyond the boundaries of the genre itself, mainly because of the comprehensive collection of… Read More Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)