Hemendex – Reset 2 CD (Geenger Records)

Hemendex - Reset 2 CD - Geenger Records

Here’s another retrospective review as part of digging through the rich history of Geenger Records. This prolific Croatian label released this particular recording ten years ago, but this extended play still sounds relevant today, in times when the new wave is receiving another well-deserved revival treatment. Hemendex (broken English phrase for ham and eggs) is a Croatian new wave group active since 2008. However, judging by Discogs and their social media pages, it seems the group disbanded sometime around 2014. Still, they left some impressive works, such as a debut single Waiting In Line, Reset 1 EP, Reset 2 EP, Life Is Not A Soundcheck Vol. 1. EP, a split release with 1/2 named Commercial Break, a full-length album Solution To Reality, another single Faith In War, and November Sessions 2021. As you can see, Hemendex were pretty much active from 2008 to 2014 and left an impressive discography to brag about.

Reset 2 is an outstanding follow-up to the first edition of the extended play with the same name, but also the 9th release by Geenger Records who, at the time, mostly released the groups of sludge/melodic punk, punk rock, post-punk, hardcore punk, crust punk orientation. Therefore, this second extended play by Hemendex fit nicely in their roster. This particular material carries five diverse compositions that are exploring several complementary genres. Besides sheer dominance of new wave sound, Hemendex incorporated some other ingredients such as electro, synthpop, industrial and post-punk. As you probably know, all these elements are flawlessly pairing each other, so this material shines bright in all its harmony. It is also one of the marvelously produced regional electro/synthpop/new wave recordings that popped at the time.

Soundwise, if you’re looking out for organic sounds, loud guitars, and double bass pedals, then you’re looking out at the wrong place. If you’re in search of an electro/industrial approach to a new wave, then this extended play will be right up your alley from scratch to finish. Hemendex pushes all the abovementioned genres to the very limits, and their compositions are complex as complex they could be when it comes to electro sound. You’ll notice flawlessly produced industrial acid beats, synth basslines, arpeggiated melodies, various electro sequences, and other synthetic delicacies. Hemendex are handling their electronic maneuvers and acrobatics like pros. Each composition contains energetic, dynamic, danceable tempos, so I can only assume their music is purposely composed for dark, misty dancefloors. It is one of those recordings that easily gets under the skin, even if you’re not into the beforementioned genres, so I highly advise you to check this material out. Head over to Geenger Records for more information about streaming/ordering Reset 2 but also do not forget to check out the rest of their impressive roster.

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