Big Mountain County

Big Mountain County Are Streaming Their Latest Single


Big Mountain County are roaming the underground scene for a while now. Since its inception, the group has released three full-lengths, series of singles, and toured the world. As matter of a fact, the group needed to quit touring because of the global health emergency caused by the ongoing pandemic, but Big Mountain County are not quitters. Quite the contrary, this prolific quartet decided to remain positive, focused, and creative during the quarantine and work on new tunes. Perhaps What? is based upon their love of punk rock music, but it also represents a bold move for a band who decided to explore beyond classic punk rock.

What? is their brand new single that experiments with psychedelic rock, synth rock, garage, alternative, and indie rock. The group introduces more abrasive sounds, new grooves, synths, and many other sonic delicacies that are waiting for both old and new fans to explore the improved world of Big Mountain County. The lyrics are dealing with a personal relationship, positioned around the close person who transforms into an annoying, unbearable being, which later on leads to a definitive reaction. Nevertheless, the song also acts as a catalyst to let all your emotions out, so you could feel some sort of relief. What? is available on Spotify.






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