Ha Det Bra – Societea For Two LP (Geenger Records / PDV Records)

Once again, I am dusting off shelves in Geenger Records headquarters, and today, I picked up a post-hardcore treat for every true fan of the genre. If you’re profoundly into anything post-hardcore, hardcore, noise rock, or just another music geek who’s compulsively obsessed with the depths of underground music, then you probably heard for Ha… Read More Ha Det Bra – Societea For Two LP (Geenger Records / PDV Records)

Chain And The Gang – In Cold Blood LP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

I believe that most of our readers will be familiar with the name, such as Ian Svenonious, especially those into Dischord Records releases. The record I would like to talk about today is another recent Sounds Of Subterannia release. The label has again proven the point of being open to almost every music genre, but… Read More Chain And The Gang – In Cold Blood LP (Sounds Of Subterrania)

Lo Fat Orchestra – Neon Lights LP (Sounds Of Subterrania Records)

Another batch of vinyl records recently arrived from the tireless Sounds Of Subterrania Records from Hamburg, Germany. This particular record label is not a stranger to these pages, and I previously had a chance to review some of their incredible records. The label is famous for its diversity and innovation in vinyl packaging, so this… Read More Lo Fat Orchestra – Neon Lights LP (Sounds Of Subterrania Records)

Chrome – Scaropy CD (Cleopatra Records)

The band I would like to talk about today doesn’t need any introduction for those who’re profoundly into post-punk music. Since 1975, Chrome has been a household name for post-punk, proto-industrial, goth rock, acid-punk, experimental rock scenes and still goes strong today. Since its inception, the group suffered the death of one of the original… Read More Chrome – Scaropy CD (Cleopatra Records)

Ester Poly – Wet LP (Hummus Records)

Here’s another recent release by Hummus Records, a record label based in La Chaux De Fonds, Switzerland. For those who’re not familiar with the activities of this record label, Hummus Records usually releases experimental artists, but the entire catalog is surprisingly good. I had the privilege to listen and review a decent amount of their… Read More Ester Poly – Wet LP (Hummus Records)

Makazoruki – On The Wire CD (Geenger Records)

Particular recordings are sounding fresh, even nearly a decade after their initial release. The groups who’re brilliant enough to write, record, produce and release music that will become timeless are rare nowadays. Luckily, some bands eventually contain a formula to preserve the vitality of their music as the years are passing by. Makazoruki is unquestionably… Read More Makazoruki – On The Wire CD (Geenger Records)

Hemendex – Reset 2 CD (Geenger Records)

Here’s another retrospective review as part of digging through the rich history of Geenger Records. This prolific Croatian label released this particular recording ten years ago, but this extended play still sounds relevant today, in times when the new wave is receiving another well-deserved revival treatment. Hemendex (broken English phrase for ham and eggs) is… Read More Hemendex – Reset 2 CD (Geenger Records)