Alpha Hopper – Last Chance Power Drive LP (Swimming Faith / Radical Empathy)

This material is, what I truly believe, a second full-length by this Buffalo, NY-based quartet. Despite being fully aware of all the activities surrounding Swimming Faith, this recording somehow went under the radar, but luckily, now I have a chance to write a couple of lines about it. For those who missed my previous reviews… Read More Alpha Hopper – Last Chance Power Drive LP (Swimming Faith / Radical Empathy)

Gazorpazorp – Od Vazduha I Sunca CD EP (Moonlee Records)

Gazorpazorp made quite a name for themselves on the Belgrade underground scene in such a short period, and there’s no doubt about their outstanding quality. The group is lurking around since 2016 when this quartet decided to derive its name from a fictional planet that appears countless times at the well-known animated sci-fi series Rick… Read More Gazorpazorp – Od Vazduha I Sunca CD EP (Moonlee Records)

The Lowtones – Self-Titled

Perhaps The Lowtones are a relatively new group, but they sound like a singular organism comprised of experienced musicians. Their melancholic music resonates in such a specific manner, and it will unquestionably suit the admirers of indie rock sound. Their self-titled album represents their latest effort, which carries loads of polyphonic delicacies. Besides their most-advanced… Read More The Lowtones – Self-Titled

Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

Alpha Hopper were quiet for a while, but here they are with another banging recording that will knock your socks off. For those who somehow missed my article about their previous album, Alpha Hopper is a fascinating bunch of creative people emanating from Buffalo, New York. Their music defies classifications into a particular genre, mainly… Read More Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index LP (Hex Records)

Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Perhaps the Indigos are relatively new group that recently started their music endeavors, but their sonic appearance unquestionably showcases quite the contrary. Right with the initial beats of their debut full-length, you’ll notice a tremendous musical experience showcased through the continuously amplifying musicianship of the entire band. The band undoubtfully draws inspiration from a full… Read More Indigos – Always. Whenever.

The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead

Perhaps The Electric Lovehandles is relatively a new band, but the people involved in this group are experienced musicians with decades spent in the music industry. The group consists of Chris Keaney (principal songwriter, lead vocals, guitar), Ian Graham (backing vocals, bass guitar), and Mark Shilton (backing vocals, drums). Since their formation in 2019, this… Read More The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead