Abrasive Trees - Bound For An Infinite Sea CD

Abrasive Trees – Bound For An Infinite Sea CD (Expanded)

A while ago, Abrasive Trees sent all three current extended plays for review, so after writing articles about Now You Are Not Here EP and Without Light EP, now it’s time to talk about the Bound For An Infinite Sea EP. It is his debut material released at the very end of the last year, sometime around December. Still, this material differs from the digital version because it contains Bound For An Infinite Sea and remixes by Sebastian Swarm. This expanded version is still available on a compact disc at Abrasive Trees Bandcamp page, so if you’re thinking about ordering one, better do it now.

There was something about Abrasive Trees that caught my attention as soon as I listened to the Now You Are Not Here EP for the first time, and now I have the same feeling about Bound For An Infinite Sea. It’s always good to get back to the artist’s beginnings and check out their starting points. This debut EP is such a good introduction to the sound of Abrasive Trees, mainly because it contains all the ideas in not quite developed, nearly unpolished form. Still, these tunes sound complex, psychedelic, melancholic, emotive, and could easily stand with Abrasive Trees’ latest works. For those who somehow missed my previous reviews, Abrasive nurtures a powerful post-punk sound, decorated by elements of psychedelic rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and many other genres or subgenres of underground music.

The initial material contains three original compositions that burst with marvelous ideas and exquisite musicianship from start to finish. Abrasive Trees nurtures such a unique sound you probably never heard before. It’s not just another regular post-punk project you stumble upon almost every day over the web. Quite the contrary, this creative outlet shines bright on the spotlight with addictive, hypnotic, cathartic melodies, harmonies, themes, ambiances, and other sonic delicacies. The entire material carries a strong middle Eastern, Arabic, world music, and ethno vibe, but it is also psychedelic as much as the compositions allow. It’s a beautiful recording that offers so many listening pleasures, and the remixes are such a nice addition to this compact disc. Head over to the Abrasive Trees Bandcamp page for more detailed information about ordering.



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