Soup Review - Beneath The Big White Moon LP - Studio III Recordings

Soup Review – Beneath The Big White Moon LP (Studio III Recordings)

Here’s another good one from Studio III Recordings, a recording studio and record label based in Sheffield, UK. As usual, the artists who decide to record at their studios always receive a superb quality sound. The review of Steve J. Allen’s Contrast LP is a fine example, so I decided to give it a try to Soup Review, and I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful their vinyl release is. Soup Review is a comedy folk duo coming out of Sheffield, and as far as I am informed, Beneath The Big White Moon is their second full-length album. The duo previously released From The Bed To The Settee (And Back Again) LP and a couple of singles, such as Stars In Their Eyes On SSRIs and Cold Season.

Beneath The Big White Moon carries ten lyrically detailed compositions. The group pays a lot of attention to the lyric side of an album, and you will instantly fall in love with their witty remarks, observations, and stories. Soup Review explores the lyric side from the personal perspective and somehow turns everything to the brighter side of life. Musicwise, you may call this type of sound however you want it because there’s unquestionably more than just a regular folk sound. Soup Review nurtures a singer/songwriter approach, dominantly explores folk, but you may also notice some other ingredients along the way. Besides the sheer dominance of folk sound, you may stumble on other subgenres like anti-folk or indie-folk.

Still, that’s not all because the duo explores even further in the depths of anti-pop, classic pop, indie pop, alternative rock, comedy rock, and Americana. Perhaps their lyrics are hilarious, but their guitar performance sounds serious. You will solely enjoy ear-appealing arpeggiated chord progressions, regularly performed chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, themes, and other sonic delicacies. Each composition carries some calmy ambiance that pleases the listening apparatus, and sometimes you may feel like the music serves more as a background for their storytelling. Nevertheless, both guitars are continuously present in the mix, and if you’re looking out for some impressive ideas performed on professionally recorded acoustic guitar. Studio III Recordings did outstanding work on this one. You can hear every note and each chant delivered by the duo. Beneath The Big White Moon will be right up your alley if you are into acoustic sessions followed by a clever sense of humor. Head over to Studio III Recordings for more information about ordering.




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