Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Perhaps the Indigos are relatively new group that recently started their music endeavors, but their sonic appearance unquestionably showcases quite the contrary. Right with the initial beats of their debut full-length, you’ll notice a tremendous musical experience showcased through the continuously amplifying musicianship of the entire band. The band undoubtfully draws inspiration from a full… Read More Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

Fashion Bird Danger Danger is a psychedelic pop supergroup consisting of John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui (Late Cambrian), Matthew Milligan and Joey Slater (Wheatus), Lisa Hammer (Mors Syphilitica, Triana Orpheus on Venture Bros), and Levi Wilson (Radiana). These highly experienced musicians shared samples and ideas back and forth between August and December of 2020, during… Read More Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Solarminds are roaming the scene for quite a while, and their unstoppable creativity creates wonders on each subsequent album. Since their formation in 2001, the group took a particular direction that evolved for two decades, so their music only becomes more meaningful, deep, and detailed with time. No matter if you ever stumbled upon their… Read More Solarminds – Her Spirit Cracked The Sky LP (Mind Altering Records)

Odakota – The Color Of What Is LP

Odakota is quite an interesting group emanating from San Diego, California. The group initially started as a project entirely operated by Austin Wasielewski but soon became a full-time band with additional musicians such as Sanjay John and Nolan Krueger. Since then, Odakota has worked hard on the material for their debut recording. Their hard work… Read More Odakota – The Color Of What Is LP

Entropy – Liminal LP (Crazysane Records)

Entropy is one of those post-hardcore groups you surely don’t want to let sneak out unnoticed under your listening radar. No matter how much similar groups you heard during your lifetime, their outstanding debut full-length recording Liminal undoubtfully deserves your utmost attention. The group started as a solo project by Hans Frese, who’s been musically… Read More Entropy – Liminal LP (Crazysane Records)