Chrome - Scaropy CD - Cleopatra Records

Chrome – Scaropy CD (Cleopatra Records)

The band I would like to talk about today doesn’t need any introduction for those who’re profoundly into post-punk music. Since 1975, Chrome has been a household name for post-punk, proto-industrial, goth rock, acid-punk, experimental rock scenes and still goes strong today. Since its inception, the group suffered the death of one of the original band members, went through various lineup changes, there were even a couple of versions of the group, but still, their music always sounded incredible. These events separated their discography into different periods like Edge/Creed period, Damon Edge period, and Helios Creed period. The group has brand new full-length material named Scaropy, released on silver vinyl and compact disc by Cleopatra Records. The current lineup consists of Helios Creed, Hilary Stench Hanes, and familiar faces like Tommy L. Cyborg, Aleph Omega, and Lou Minatti XIII!

Scaropy contains twelve compositions entirely performed in their recognizable manner, but with even more experimentations included along the way. The band stacked up every possible genre, so each number sounds unique but somehow goes with the rest of the material. Besides the sheer dominance of post-punk, you may hear how Chrome infused the elements of goth rock, proto-industrial, industrial, experimental noise, dark ambient, but you’ll probably notice some other ingredients as well. It’s something they’re very good at, and you won’t find out any other band that experiments with styles like Chrome. It’s nearly mindblowing how their music sounds both melodic and abrasive at the same time without losing consistency. Besides these characteristics, Chrome also experiments with space rock, psychedelic rock, melancholic melodies and atmospheres, various noises, accentuations, layers of sound, additional loops, and samples.

This full-length demands repetitious listening in order to grasp all the ideas and details that the band implemented into these compositions. Then again, there might be the chance you’ll need to listen to it all over again because you’ll probably miss out on something. Scaropy is a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully assembled tunes you surely don’t want to miss if you’re profoundly into flawlessly performed post-punk sound. It’s good to mention that Chrome also covered Ace Of Spades by legendary Motorhead, but as it’s usually the case, the band spiced things up by adding more industrial sound to it. Scaropy is available on silver vinyl, compact disc, and streaming platforms. Head over to Cleopatra Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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