Chrome – Scaropy CD (Cleopatra Records)

The band I would like to talk about today doesn’t need any introduction for those who’re profoundly into post-punk music. Since 1975, Chrome has been a household name for post-punk, proto-industrial, goth rock, acid-punk, experimental rock scenes and still goes strong today. Since its inception, the group suffered the death of one of the original… Read More Chrome – Scaropy CD (Cleopatra Records)

Noisesculptor – Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD (Unsigned Label)

To be quite honest, I listened to a decent amount of noise releases over twenty years or so, but I rarely stumbled upon collections and selected works. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying these compilations don’t exist, but for some reason, they’re rare, and noisicians are usually sticking to the recently recorded material.… Read More Noisesculptor – Ordinary Mind Disorders 2xCD (Unsigned Label)

Lofter – Ulcer CS EP (Cherub Dream Records)

It’s always encouraging to see how some underground record labels are growing rapidly fast. Most artists would have a hard time managing publishing and the logistics of their releases without immense help from these record labels. Cherub Dream Records is one of those independent record labels that are evolving fast without losing on consistency and… Read More Lofter – Ulcer CS EP (Cherub Dream Records)