Praises – In This Year: Hierophant LP (Hand Drawn Dracula)

I believe this is the first review of any Hand Drawn Dracula release on our pages. It’s been a while since I started following the activities of this Canadian record label, and I was surprised by the sheer amount of quality releases published by them. It’s one of those prolific record labels without weak releases… Read More Praises – In This Year: Hierophant LP (Hand Drawn Dracula)

Lifts – Unconsidered

Dublin experimental rock quintet Lifts has released its debut single today. Unconsidered carries a comprehensive amalgam of several but complementary music genres combined into a pleasing piece of avant-garde artistry. The composition sets the unsettling and theatric tone followed by generous servings of tension. Besides the beforementioned tension, Lifts fully stacked Unconsidered with brilliant ideas… Read More Lifts – Unconsidered

Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Grazil Records has already proved multiple times why they’re one of the best extreme underground music labels in Austria, but here’s another proof about it. Of course, this one also comes from the batch of records we received a while ago. I wasn’t familiar with Mandaground until I heard this release, but their name sounds… Read More Mandaground – Enlightenment LP (Grazil Records)

Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Here’s another brilliant release from the Grazil Records batch. It’s nearly mindblowing how many versatile artists and bands this prolific record label carries on its roster. You can stumble upon every possible music genre by scrolling down their pages. Just name it, they have it. Come System is unquestionably one of those unique bands that’re… Read More Coma System – Blurred LP (Grazil Records)

Honey For Petzi – Observations + Descriptions CD (Two Gentlemen)

The Swiss music scene stands strong according to the artists/bands I had a chance to listen to in the past couple of years. Swiss groups and artists always push the boundaries of known and lesser-known genres to the max, so even if you stumble upon a regular indie band, there are high possibilities you’ll listen… Read More Honey For Petzi – Observations + Descriptions CD (Two Gentlemen)

Marcus Herne – 88 II

Once again, we’re delving deep into the experimental avant-garde waters. I would like to introduce Marcus Herne, a London-based composer and experimental artist who uses various approaches to achieve the desired sound. After the critically acclaimed composition 88, which consists of countless layers of piano recordings, Further Reach, and Forms EP, Herne revisits his artistic/sonic… Read More Marcus Herne – 88 II