Destroy Babylon – Shapeshifters CD (Music ADD)

Destroy Babylon shapeshifted the sound since their formation and expanded it to a more developed structure throughout the years. Comparing to their previous full-length albums, such as Olligopuzzled, Backyard Babylon, Dub Of Ages Vol.1, and Long Live The Vortex, Shapeshifters has even more to contribute than the preceding recordings. This particular material delivers defined dualities… Read More Destroy Babylon – Shapeshifters CD (Music ADD)

The Macrotones ft. Iyeoka / Destroy Babylon – Split 7″ (Music ADD)

Today, we’re covering a split 7” record between The Macrotones and Destroy Babylon. This actual release comes as an addition to the Unknown Outpost CD by The Macrotones, including a bonus number by Destroy Babylon filling on the B-side. Both bands have a lot of things in common, and besides being equally good, these bands… Read More The Macrotones ft. Iyeoka / Destroy Babylon – Split 7″ (Music ADD)

Scaphoid – Absent Passages CD (Shunu Records)

Scaphoid is a progressive metal/post-rock act originating from Austin, Texas. This characteristic outlet is an alias of Matt Hobart, who’s fully responsible for writing, composing, and tremendous performance throughout the entire album. Absent Passages is his debut full-length recording comprised of eight profoundly detailed compositions. Previously, Scaphoid released Dies Mercurii, an extended play consisted of… Read More Scaphoid – Absent Passages CD (Shunu Records)

The Macrotones – First Signs Of Danger CD (Music ADD)

The sound of The Macrotones is challenging to define by simplistic genre classifications, but it’s definitely worth your attention. Nevertheless, their experimentations with a comprehensive collection of various genres are unquestionably appealing to the listening apparatus. First Signs Of Danger is their second full-length recorded back in now distant 2011, but it’s still relevant today… Read More The Macrotones – First Signs Of Danger CD (Music ADD)

Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

Secondhand Habit is a Canadian alternative rock quartet hailing from Victoria, British Columbia. The group is devoted to merging essentials of subgenres of alternative rock music since their formation. So far, they’ve released recordings such as Anaphylactic Rock EP, Chinese Whispers EP, and From The Ashes EP. The group toured Canada multiple times, featuring highlights… Read More Secondhand Habit – Contact High CD

Hidden Cabins – The Hidden Cabins Band EP (Engineer Records)

Hidden Cabins is a remarkable indie-folk duo comprised of Craig Cirinelli (vocals and hand percussions) and Brian Hofgesang (guitar, textures, addt’l microphone). They recorded numerous recordings in this lineup, such as a split compact disc with Brother Octopus, a split 10” record called Weathered with Eyeswan. Then the duo appeared on Daily Grooming compilation with… Read More Hidden Cabins – The Hidden Cabins Band EP (Engineer Records)

V/A – Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation Of Quiet(ER) Songs Vol. 3 (Engineer Records)

Sometimes it feels so good to slow things down a little bit, so what’s a better occasion than to write a couple of lines about Lamp Light The Fire, a compilation release that mainly focuses on acoustic music. This compilation comes out every couple of years and covers artists who are or were the part… Read More V/A – Lamp Light The Fire: A Compilation Of Quiet(ER) Songs Vol. 3 (Engineer Records)

(Damn) This Desert Air – Nebulosity CD (Engineer Records)

It’s been a while since I covered some alternative rock music on these pages, and I feel this particular group is more than adequate and worth mentioning on the blog. (Damn) This Desert Air is an alternative rock quartet commencing from New Jersey. The group has been active for more than a decade, went through… Read More (Damn) This Desert Air – Nebulosity CD (Engineer Records)

Night Slaves – Three And A Half LP (Swimming Faith Records)

Three And A Half is the latest contribution to the broader audiences and the most advanced album by the Night Slaves. Besides conventional roles by John Toohill and David Kane, the group developed up into the quintet by adding Lucy Bell on vocals, Kelly Mordaunt on synth, and Ryan McMullen on guitar. Night Slaves are… Read More Night Slaves – Three And A Half LP (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves – Patient Zero CS (Swimming Faith Records)

Night Slaves is a characteristic duo from Buffalo, New York. The group comprises of John Toohill (Swimming Faith Records, Science Man, Alpha Hopper, Spit Kink, Cobra Cobra, Johns…among many others) and Dave Kane, an eccentric local artist who creates distinctive music for decades. These two formed Night Slaves sometime in 2015 and instantly started recording… Read More Night Slaves – Patient Zero CS (Swimming Faith Records)