Decent Criminal – Bliss LP (Bearded Punk Records / Wiretap Records)

Here’s another outstanding record from Bearded Punk Records archives and probably the most unusual one in their catalog. Being known for its melodic punk rock/skate punk/pop-punk aesthetics, this prolific Belgian record label made quite an experiment with this album but nailed it once again. Perhaps the Bliss LP by Decent Criminal strays from the label’s… Read More Decent Criminal – Bliss LP (Bearded Punk Records / Wiretap Records)

The Lowtones – Self-Titled

Perhaps The Lowtones are a relatively new group, but they sound like a singular organism comprised of experienced musicians. Their melancholic music resonates in such a specific manner, and it will unquestionably suit the admirers of indie rock sound. Their self-titled album represents their latest effort, which carries loads of polyphonic delicacies. Besides their most-advanced… Read More The Lowtones – Self-Titled

John Shields – Songs Of Defiance

John Shields is an experienced songwriter, composer, keyboardist, audio producer, and studio engineer with current residence in Nashville, Tennessee. His music offers a unique experience which I highly recommend for those who’re into progressive indie music with unexpected twists and turns. These surprises are occasionally decorated with outstanding ideas and tremendous musicianship, which often explore… Read More John Shields – Songs Of Defiance

Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Perhaps the Indigos are relatively new group that recently started their music endeavors, but their sonic appearance unquestionably showcases quite the contrary. Right with the initial beats of their debut full-length, you’ll notice a tremendous musical experience showcased through the continuously amplifying musicianship of the entire band. The band undoubtfully draws inspiration from a full… Read More Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Bracket – Requiem LP (Bearded Punk Records)

For those who lived under the rock for decades, Bracket is a Californian pop-punk institution formed in Forestville in 1992. No matter which album you pick up, from those published on Caroline Records over Fat Wreck Chords, Takeover Records, High Output Records, and Head2Wall Records, you’ll solely enjoy their specific version of pop-punk music. Full-lengths… Read More Bracket – Requiem LP (Bearded Punk Records)

Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Elizabeth McColough’s story about this particular album is quite interesting. It makes me wonder about other artists and their stories about the recording process, various circumstances, fortunate and unfortunate events that somehow affected their songwriting and life. Elizabeth briefly explained everything about songwriting, composing, recording process but also thoroughly told the story about the people… Read More Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Pennan Brae – Lit LP

Pennan Brae decided to make a proper comeback with his latest offering to the broader auditorium. His latest full-length recording, simplistically named Lit, offers ten cheerful rock’n’roll compositions gradually infused by the recognizable power-pop vibe. His music vividly resembles the classic rock’n’roll sound of the seventies and eighties, highlighted with catchy pop twists and turns… Read More Pennan Brae – Lit LP

The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead

Perhaps The Electric Lovehandles is relatively a new band, but the people involved in this group are experienced musicians with decades spent in the music industry. The group consists of Chris Keaney (principal songwriter, lead vocals, guitar), Ian Graham (backing vocals, bass guitar), and Mark Shilton (backing vocals, drums). Since their formation in 2019, this… Read More The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead

Odakota – The Color Of What Is LP

Odakota is quite an interesting group emanating from San Diego, California. The group initially started as a project entirely operated by Austin Wasielewski but soon became a full-time band with additional musicians such as Sanjay John and Nolan Krueger. Since then, Odakota has worked hard on the material for their debut recording. Their hard work… Read More Odakota – The Color Of What Is LP

The Stayawakes – Pop Dreamz CD (Engineer Records)

The Stayawakes are a dream-pop quartet originating from Portsmouth, UK. Since their formation, the group released a couple of recordings, such as a debut single named Don’t Have To Live Thru This / Summer Suicide, another single called When Your Heart Dreams Of Spring, a debut full-length record named Dogs and Cats / Living Together,… Read More The Stayawakes – Pop Dreamz CD (Engineer Records)

Eaten By Snakes – Calming Pink LP (Fond Of Life Records)

Eaten By Snakes is an ear-appealing pop-punk duo originating from Bielefeld, Germany. The band comprises od Daniel Kestner and David Finke, who are also members of Modern Saints. Calming Pink is their brand new offering to the broader audience that follows the visual aesthetics of their debut extended play record. It took them a while… Read More Eaten By Snakes – Calming Pink LP (Fond Of Life Records)