Indigos – Always. Whenever.

Indigos - Always. Whenever.

Perhaps the Indigos are relatively new group that recently started their music endeavors, but their sonic appearance unquestionably showcases quite the contrary. Right with the initial beats of their debut full-length, you’ll notice a tremendous musical experience showcased through the continuously amplifying musicianship of the entire band. The band undoubtfully draws inspiration from a full specter of various genres who’re operating together in harmony during the album, so you’ll be quite entertained by their highly addictive numbers. Always. Whenever. is a debut full-length recording by this incredible Cheltenham, UK-based alternative rock group, and I would like to talk about this particular material a little bit further.

Besides the vividly hearable presence of alternative rock music, Indigos gradually unveil even more elements that inspired them on this musical journey. You may notice the involvement of other genres, such as indie rock, power pop, Brit-pop, post-punk, punk rock, and shoegaze along the way. These ingredients appear here and there, sometimes through melodies, sometimes through various accentuations, and sometimes Indigos are just giving the hints through some minimal articulations. The group also experiments with various rhythmic structures, different tempos, but these compositions are unquestionably dynamic in one way or another. The material perfectly balances between robust, powerful, energetic numbers and mellow-sounding alternative rock ballads, but both sides are equally amusing and entertaining.

It’s nearly mindblowing how particular numbers resemble some musical maneuvers that would some renowned groups eventually record throughout their careers. At some points, you’ll hear energetic melodic chord progressions familiar for bands like Hüsker Dü, but the lead vocals are liberating harmonies similar to those heard in REM songs. However, you’ll also notice some guitar arpeggios that Johnny Marr would record during The Smiths era, followed by some Dinosaur Jr experimentations with reverb, delay, and echo effects. These are just a couple of examples, but Indigos are incorporating even more throughout the entire album. Their music appears as a giant slab of harmonious noise, fully backed by tremendous guitar melodies and precise rhythm section. The power-pop vibe in lead vocals accentuates the brilliant musicianship of the entire group. However, it also contributes an additional layer of melody to the ambiance.

Always. Whenever. is a meaningful album that definitely craves your attention. It would be such a waste if you miss this gem. The album is available on Spotify, so give it a couple of spins and decide for yourself.

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