Ex-Vöid – Bigger Than Before CD (Don Giovanni Records)

After the exceptional self-titled EP and a couple of singles, such as Boyfriend and Only One, Ex-Vöid returns with a debut full-length release named Bigger Than Before. I don’t know if this relates to the presented material but they returned bigger than before. This particular release unquestionably resonates with a pleasant atmosphere that will suit… Read More Ex-Vöid – Bigger Than Before CD (Don Giovanni Records)

The Drolls – That Puget Sound LP (Snappy Little Numbers)

The second batch of Snappy Little Number records recently arrived at our headquarters, and what’s a better time to start writing about it than the beginning of the week? There’s plenty of good stuff, but I decided to start with That Puget Sound, a debut full-length by the Seattle, Washington-based trio The Drolls. The first… Read More The Drolls – That Puget Sound LP (Snappy Little Numbers)

Tenement – Predatory Headlights DLP (Don Giovanni Records)

Yesterday you had a chance to read a full review about Acid Rain, the latest piece of sonic artistry by Amos Pitsch, a multi-talented mastermind behind many bands from the state of Wisconsin. Tenement is one of those bands known to the broader auditorium, and Pitsch included Predatory Headlights, their third full-length album released in… Read More Tenement – Predatory Headlights DLP (Don Giovanni Records)

State Drugs / ZEPHR – Split 7″ (Snappy Little Numbers)

Here’s the last one from the excellent batch of records sent by Denver, Colorado, prolific label Snappy Little Numbers. It’s a split 7″ between State Drugs and ZEPHR. State Drugs includes Chris Kuhn of Pulling Teeth, Hatewaves, and Permanent Mistakes. The band unleashed an impressive amount of recordings since 2017, such as Sandwina EP, College… Read More State Drugs / ZEPHR – Split 7″ (Snappy Little Numbers)

Amos Pitsch – Acid Rain LP (JAC World)

Today I have a chance to present a second full-length release by Amos Pitsch, a multi-instrumental artist from Appleton, Wisconsin, known for his involvement in Tenement, Dusk, Technicolor Teeth, Car City, Social Classics, Harlequin Kid, Big Eyes, Chinese Telephones, Paul Collins Beat, Privilege, Tim Schweiger & The Middle Men, and Crutch The Memory label/studio. As… Read More Amos Pitsch – Acid Rain LP (JAC World)

Ainheeky – Goalden Skeye

Brazilian indie artist Ainheeky has unleashed a tremendous debut composition today. Right off the bat, this profoundly creative multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer showcase the comprehensive arsenal built upon exceptional vocal performance, ear-appealing chord progressions, powerful riffs, catchy guitar licks, cleverly assembled basslines, and thoughtfully constructed rhythmic segments. With impressive qualities like these, there’s no way… Read More Ainheeky – Goalden Skeye

Custody / Spells – Split 7″ (Various Labels)

Here is one of the Spells recent works, and it’s a split EP with Custody, a Finnish melodic punk rock quintet. It’s a collective release between Snappy Little Numbers, Brassneck Records, Keep It A Secret Records, and Shield Recordings. After googling around, I realized Custody is an almost equally prolific band as Spells, with an… Read More Custody / Spells – Split 7″ (Various Labels)