Talk Show Host – Mid-Century Modern LP (Wiretap Records / Disconnect Disconnect Records)

Talk Show Host - Mid-Century Modern LP - Wiretap Records / Disconnect Disconnect Records

Today, I would like to talk about the group that caught my ear as soon as I stumbled upon their music. Talk Show Host is a new name to me, but the group operates for years. They released series of singles and extended plays since 2016, such as Disunion Tour EP, Perfectly Competent EP, a single named Fireworks, Not Here To Make Friends EP, a split EP with Chump, and another single called This Monologue. Mid-Century Modern is their debut full-length material, heavily promoted by series of singles like Crisis Actors, Blood In The Sand, and Warmest Condolences. This material bursts with such specific vibes and energy, rarely seen within the melodic punk rock scene.

Mid-Century Modern carries ten ear-appealing compositions that are going way beyond classic pop-punk sound. Talk Show Host solely relies upon the aesthetics of pop-punk music, but their tunes are unveiling even more elements as you dig deeper into the material. You may hear the elements like power pop, indie rock, alternative, and classic melodic punk rock lurking around. However, Talk Show Host explores these genres in an entirely different manner comparing to any other group that is roaming the contemporary pop-punk scene. Even their primary musical direction differs, and you can expect nothing but a sophisticated take on modern pop-punk music. Their tunes are continuously levitating between thoughtfully arranged punk rock riffs and polyphonous chord progressions that are spicing things up even more.

The remaining ingredients, such as indie and alternative are vividly hearable in accentuations, arrangements, segments, and the group keeps these elements subtle as much as possible. Perhaps the powerful choruses are their strongest weapon, but Talk Show Host also sounds equally good during verses. Their music is tirelessly harmonious, melodic, melancholic, and each composition has its highlights. There is also a decent amount of studio reverb that contributes to the ear-appealing echoic ambiance. The echo enhances all the melodies on an entirely new level. Let’s not forget the energetic rhythm section that releases tremendous portions of energy and perfectly matches the beforementioned melodies. Everything about Mid-Century Modern seems just about right, and you should pay attention to this full-length if you’re into smartly assembled pop-punk sound with vividly hearable power pop elements. The album comes in several vinyl variants, so head over to Disconnect Disconnect Records or Wiretap Records and pick up your weapon of choice.

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