New Single By Desperate Acts Is Coming Out Tomorrow

Emerging from several bands such as Comeback Kid or Martyr AD which have no point of reference to the sound of this band by the way, comes as fresh act from the Midwest presenting a melodic piece of punkrock likely to be loved by fans of Hot Water Music, Red City Radio or The Loved Ones. Stepping in the footsteps of passionate melodies that will remind you of Dillinger Four or Leatherface, “Jeff Crisp” is a well-produced and mature piece of art. “Like a lot of songs on the record, it’s from the perspective of a conversation with somebody in the past who helped shape my worldview today, for better or worse”, says singer and guitarist Matt Keil. In Jeff Crisp Matt talks with his late grandfather.

When you hear the words “punk band from the Midwest,” you expect one thing.  But Desperate Acts zig when you expect a zag.  At their core, they’re a Minneapolis punk band and that’s inarguable.  However, they add a DC hardcore willingness to change tempos and find unexpected melodies and still keep a Bay Area punk confidence in loud and powerful three-part harmonies.  The Midwest punk familiarity is still there on the surface, but it is rarely predictable. 

“Jeff Crisp” will be available on all streaming platforms tomorrow.

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