The Beatersband - Love I Can B W You 7"

The Beatersband – Love I Can B W You 7″

This release came like a surprise to Thoughts Words Action headquarters last week. I have to admit this is the first time I heard about this group, so I was more than curious to check their music out. Therefore, I listened to it for a couple of days until I became familiar with the sound of the band. The Beatersband is an Italian vintage-sounding melodic punk rock group with an impressive number of recordings released in just several years. Since 2019, The Beatersband unleashed Vol Uno CD, Black Christmas EP, Love Songs 7″, a single named Hang On Sloppy, Rock!, Rock! Punk Rock’n’Roll CD, Vol Due CD, and a single She Talks To Rainbows as a tribute to Ramones. Recently, the group released another set of songs called Love I Can B W You, so let’s dive straight to material.

The Beatersband nurtures such a unique style consisting of several complementary music genres. The first thing that comes to my mind is old-school melodic punk rock, but there’s more than meets the eye. It’s more than notable The Beatersband grew up listening to Ramones, so you may also stumble upon what the younger punk rockers call Ramonescore nowadays. Nevertheless, some other ingredients are lurking around along the way, like pop-punk, power pop, and classic rock’n’roll, but it seems like the melodic punk rock and power pop are mostly hearable in the mix. The Beatersband know what they’re aiming for, and this is the blend that never fails. It’s a type of music with a pretty decent fanbase, so there’s not even the slightest doubt in my mind there will be a lot of listeners who will unreservedly love this particular 7″ release.

It’s a plain, catchy, ear-appealing melodic punk rock, sung and orchestrated with a lot of love and dedication. The band solely relies upon simplified four-chord progressions, classic punk rock riffs, and minimalist themes. Melodies and harmonies are simplified to the max, but that makes them even more interesting. Simplicity is the key ingredient of The Beatersband, and that’s what keeps you entertained while listening to these soothing punk rock compositions. Love I Can B W You completely differs from the remainder of the records that currently roam the contemporary punk rock scene because it provides easy listening without paying attention to the details. Sometimes, the listeners want to relax and listen to some good melodic punk rock without complex orchestrations, and this 7″ record provides exactly that. Therefore, if power pop-infused melodic punk rock is your jam, then The Beatersband will be right up your alley. Love I Can B W You is available directly from the band, or you can grab a copy at Horn And Hoof Records. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more details about ordering.




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