The Boatsmen - Versus The Boatsmen LP - Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Records

The Boatsmen – Versus The Boatsmen LP (Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Records)

The Boatsmen - Versus The Boatsmen LP - Ghost Highway Records / Spaghetty Town Records

Before I even start talking about this band, I would like to ask a couple of simple questions. Do you love loud music? Do you love rock’n’roll? Do you love rock’n’roll infused punk rock? Do you love rock’n’roll infused punk rock with occasional explorations into deathpunk, hardcore punk, power pop, and garage rock? If the answer is yes, then you’re at the right place at the right time because this band is a real deal! This group nails in all the possible spheres that consider rock’n’roll music. The Boatsmen are back with another tremendous full-length recording. This unstoppable Swedish machinery emanates from Örebro and they’re pretty much active since their formation by delivering outstanding recordings to even the pickiest fans of pure rock’n’roll. Since their beginnings, The Boatsmen released a decent amount of recordings, such as a self-titled debut album, City Sailors LP, and Thirst Album LP. Besides full-lengths, the group also published a couple of split 7″ recordings with bands like The Submissions, Scumbag Millionaire, The Four Donalds, released a Lady Lucifer 7″ and appeared on a 7″ Tribute To The GG Allin. Nevertheless, their latest recording Versus The Boatsmen will knock your socks off.

Versus The Boatsmen carries thirteen powerful rock’n’roll compositions, entirely performed in the way the greats used to play decades ago. Right with the initial beats, you’ll hear the strong resemblance with several bands and artists. Their music reminded me of something that would renowned bands like MC5, Iggy And The Stooges, Kiss, The Hellacopters, Turbonegro, and many others eventually record throughout their longevous careers. The Boatsmen are measuring the right amounts of rock’n’roll and punk rock and applying them into their energetic music, but do not forget other ingredients that are continuously popping from every possible direction during the entire album. Besides generous servings of highly energetic rock’n’roll and vividly hearable punk rock aesthetics, you may also hear smaller chunks of hardcore punk, deathpunk, garage rock, and power pop. Same as the beforementioned main elements, these ingredients are flawlessly blended into the mix, so you’ll solely enjoy these tunes if you’re into old school rock’n’roll, enhanced by appropriate decorations. The group dedicates most of this material to high gain riffages, powerful chord progressions, dynamic rhythmic sequences, which are all the characteristics of rock’n’roll. However, wait till you hear their power pop-infused hard rock tunes, enormously fast hardcore punk songs, and garage rock/death punk numbers that even the renowned names in the game would be envious.

Versus The Boatsmen comes on a vinyl record, compact disc, but it is also available at all streaming services for all those who’re more into digital streams. Give this record a shot if you’re into a flawlessly executed rock’n’roll because you surely won’t be disappointed. Versus The Boatsmen has all the qualities of a good rock’n’roll record, so head over to Ghost Highway Records or Spaghetty Town Records for more information about ordering.



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