Audio Visceral – Gnu Two Ewe CS (Tarantula Tapes)

Audio Visceral is a punk rock trio hailing from Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada. After searching for some information about the band, I found out that the band comprises some local veterans who’ve been an integral part of the underground scene for years. Since their formation, Audio Visceral released a couple of releases, such as a… Read More Audio Visceral – Gnu Two Ewe CS (Tarantula Tapes)

The Speed Humps – Consumption CS (Tarantula Tapes)

Sometimes the brain craves for some grinding, energetic, intense punk rock music, so that’s the time when The Speed Humps are jumping to the rescue with their latest offering to the broader audience. The Speed Humps are a garage punk quartet emanating from Barre, Ontario, Canada, and Consumption is their most advanced material, released by… Read More The Speed Humps – Consumption CS (Tarantula Tapes)

Territories / The Vicious Cycles – Split 7” (Pirates Press Records)

Today we’re covering a split 7” between Territories and The Vicious Cycles. Each group contributes one composition per side to this exceptional split release, with The Vicious Cycles contributing Problem Officer, while Territories contribute Prarie Twister. Both bands are famous for being highly prolific and maintaining nothing but the top quality on their previous recordings.… Read More Territories / The Vicious Cycles – Split 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Midnight Vein – Till It Explodes 7” (Swimming Faith Records)

John Toothill is a man of thousand talents, and he doesn’t hesitate to showcase them through countless incarnations. Besides being entirely responsible for anything considering his record label named Swimming Faith, John performs in dozen of quality groups and outlets along the way. Science Man, Night Slaves, Alpha Hopper, Spit Kink, Black And White Cat… Read More The Midnight Vein – Till It Explodes 7” (Swimming Faith Records)

Commando – Les Genoux Écorchés

Tired of constant repetitious modern punk rock bands who lacks memorable moments? You desperately require some fresh punk rock music, but you’re stuck with the same old overly produced records that are lacking dynamics? Commando is more than a good solution for all your intricacies and their debut album called Les Genoux Écorchés delivers a… Read More Commando – Les Genoux Écorchés

Press Club – Wasted Energy LP (Hassle Records)

Wasted Energy is a second album by Melbourne’s Press Club that has been published by Hassle Records last year. This record is such a great continuation of their debut Late Teens which has also been published for Hassle Records in 2018. The band nurtures such an interesting sound by encapsulating fundamentals of melodic punk rock,… Read More Press Club – Wasted Energy LP (Hassle Records)

Fresh – Withdraw LP (Specialist Subject Records)

This is the first time I am experiencing Fresh’s music and somehow I’ve missed this magnificent record when it came out last year, but better late than never. For those who’re newbies to their sound like myself, Fresh is a London based emo band comprised of young and very talented musicians, that has been formed… Read More Fresh – Withdraw LP (Specialist Subject Records)