Blast Bomb - Rock'n'Roll Junkie 10" EP - Undead Artists Records

Blast Bomb – Rock’n’Roll Junkie 10″ EP (Undead Artists Records)

Blast Bomb - Rock'n'Roll Junkie 10" EP - Undead Artists Records

Rock’n’roll is not dead! The living proof is laying out there on the ever-expanding music scene, which delivers brand new recordings by very talented artists on a regular basis. Even the brand new bands are popping out of nowhere every day, and the majority of them sound like they have decades of consecutive performances under their belts. Perhaps the Blast Bomb are roaming the rock’n’roll scene for a couple of years, but these guys sound like they have at least twenty records in their back catalog. Their latest release Rock’n’Roll Junkie proves my statement about it. Previously, the group released a handful of recordings such as Born To Lose EP, a single Rise Of An Anarchist, Burn History & Live Today EP and a live recording Live & Explosive In The UK.

Blast Bomb devotedly follows the tradition by producing extended plays. Therefore, Rock’n’Roll Junkie represents another mini-album, which grasps four energetic rock’n’roll compositions. However, their music carries more than plain and simple rock’n’roll maneuvers. Perhaps the band solely relies upon the aesthetics of rock’n’roll music, but their music unveils a dozen of ingredients along the way. You may hear equal amounts of punk rock, garage punk, garage rock, and hard rock roaming around from scratch to finish. These combinations are familiar among the lovers of profoundly energetic punk rock and rock’n’roll music as death punk. If you ever scratched the neverending surface of underground music, then you probably already know that death punk has its separate scene with thousands of devoted admirers.

Blast Bomb are not joking at all! Their music showcases tremendous musicianship empowered by brilliant ideas, and each composition acts as the universe of its own. Their music demands colossal speakers and volume cranked up to the max, mainly because this genre of music is meant to be listened to as loud as it possibly could. You may hear strong resemblances with renowned rock’n’roll groups that played this style back in the late sixties and all the way through the seventies, but Blast Bomb infused loudness and speed of classic punk rock music. The guitars are firing robust riffages from every possible direction, while the bass guitar surrenders low-end tones and supports their virtuosities. The drummer appears as an unstoppable wrecking machine that gives even more power to the remaining portion of the group. Lead vocals are up to the task with ferocious shoutouts, while the background vocals are spicing things up even more. You may hear similarities with groups such as Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, MC5, and KISS, but these are just comparations, so you can get the idea about their sound. Rock’n’Roll Junkie comes on a 10″ vinyl record. Head over to Undead Artists Records for more detailed information about ordering.





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