V/A - Girlz Disorder Vol. 2. - Fire And Flames Music

V/A – Girlz Disorder Vol. 2. (Fire And Flames Music)

Here’s the last release from the Fire And Flames Music batch that arrived a couple of weeks ago. There’s pretty much a good reason why I left this particular release at the end because I wanted to save the best for last. Today, I would like to present the second edition of a various artist compilation called Girlz Disorder. I think the title, visual appearance, and the bands involved in this compilation are self-explanatory. It’s a sampler dedicated to women’s emancipation, an important topic that’s been around since the existence of humanity. Not to mention the importance of giving more spotlight to tremendous feminist groups who have a lot to say about their position in contemporary society and on the punk rock scene. The underground scene was never meant to be just boys’ fun, and luckily things are getting better on a global punk rock scene, but it still needs a lot of improvements, so we can reach equality which punk rock demands right from the start.

Like in the previous edition, this one also includes an impressive amount of groups across the globe. Also, you may stumble upon several subgenres of punk rock, such as hardcore punk, crust punk, anarcho, and streetpunk. The participants on this sampler are Basofias, Messed Up, Damn Broads, Catpuke, Devastadoras, Penadas Por La Pey, Torten Schlacht, Menstrual Tramps, Heksa, Shooting Daggers, Revivr HC, Lucky Malice, Piinaviiko, Zimny Maj, Abierta Hasta El Amanecer, The Venomous Pinks, Beyond Pink, The Darts, Santa Muerte, Choke Cocoi, Derrumbando Defensas, Hanako, Molestya, Paltax, Kjoltyg, and Kurakka. As you can notice, there are 26 groups from 15 countries. The entire line-up is entirely new, without even a single group appearing on a previous edition.

Musicwise, each band sounds superb, and despite most of them playing some form of punk rock, it’s nearly mindblowing how this compilation doesn’t sound repetitious. Quite the contrary, each group offers its version of punk rock, enhanced by a powerful message, brilliant ideas, and superb musicianship. If you ever wondered how the feminist punk rock bands sound nowadays, Girlz Disorder Vol.2. is more than a good cross-section of the contemporary feminist underground scene. Girlz Disorder Vol.2 comes on a vinyl record and compact disc. Head over to Fire And Flames Music for more information about ordering.



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