JOHNS - Grift Marks LP - Swimming Faith

JOHNS – Grift Marks LP (Swimming Faith)

John's - Grit Marks LP - Swimming Faith

Here’s another hidden gem from the Swimming Faith vault. JOHNS are no strangers to these pages, and previously I had a chance to write a couple of lines for their Night Market cassette release. Night Market happens to be their latest recording, but I am positively sure the guys are secretly working on some material. Besides Night Market, THE JOHNS released House Of Wrongheads EP on cassette, Temple Of False Love EP on cassette, and Grift Marks on vinyl. Therefore, Grift Marks represents their debut full-length material released on vinyl back in 2015. Perhaps this material is nearly six years old, but it undoubtfully deserves your attention if you’re profoundly into punk rock music.

After a couple of outstanding extended plays, JOHNS already established the sound at Grift Marks, so if you loved their previous works, then you’ll love Grift Marks even more. Perhaps this material leans much more towards post-punk and classic punk rock, but for some weird reason, this recording resonates with the recognizable power of noise rock. I immediately noticed some articulations which are quite a characteristic of the renowned groups such as The Wipers, Mission Of Burma, or perhaps Gang Of Four. It seems like these groups inspired JOHNS during the songwriting and recording process, so this mixture serves as a landmark for specific maneuvers delivered by this interesting group. Nevertheless, you may notice other influences along the way that inspired JOHNS to explore even further beyond post-punk/punk rock/noise rock waters.

Perhaps JOHNS dedicated a generous portion of Grift Marks to post-punk, punk rock, and noise rock, but there are a couple of numbers that resemble something that Rudimentary Peni, Bauhaus, Devo, or other similar groups would eventually record throughout their careers. These healthy dosages of deathrock, goth rock, and art-punk work like a charm altogether. Perhaps you may think this pile of various genres would be too much to bear with, but quite the contrary, JOHNS are handling all these ingredients like pros. Grift Marks is an unquestionably diverse material that offers loads of listening pleasures to those deeply dedicated to the beforementioned genres, but it will also suit those listeners who’re exploring these genres for the first time. Grift Marks is still available on vinyl in limited quantities, so head over to Swimming Faith and treat yourself with this tremendous record.




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