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Akne Kid Joe – Die Jungs Von AKJ CD (Kidnap Music)

This week, I decided to continue with some recent German punk rock music that caught my attention, and it will probably intrigue you to listen to it as well. Recently, a batch of new records arrived at Thoughts Words Action headquarters, and one group particularly caught my eye. The first thing I noticed is their name. Akne Kid Joe is probably a direct parody of American heavy metal band Ugly Kid Joe, but I think this improved version is a lot better than the original. Die Jungs Von AKJ is their third and most advanced full-length recording. Previously, Akne Kid Joe released a debut full-lengths Karate Kid Joe and Die große Palmöllüge, an extended play Haste Nich Gesehn EP, and singles like Kartoffel, Die Zündende Idee, Give Never Up A Fight, What AFD Think We Do, Sarah (Frau, auch in ner Band), Gestern Emergenza, and Pizza Napoletana.

Die Jungs Von AKJ contains twelve energetic punk rock compositions, thoughtfully assembled to satisfy even the pickiest fans of this genre. Both group and label heavily promoted this material with several singles, such as Nein Danke, RaR, RiP, and Gestern Heute Morgen. Akne Kid Joe continuously levitates somewhere between barely distorted melodic punk rock, abrasive garage rock, powerful rock’n’roll, grunge, and alternative rock, but leaves some space for some other experimentations with sound. You may hear some ear-appealing synth/keyboard interruptions, which are unquestionably one of the main characteristics of synth-wave or new wave music. Still, these additions are serving as some accentuations that are certainly decorating their highly energetic music.

Akne Kid Joe keeps its music in some traditional punk rock manner, but also there are few surprises along the way. Besides catchy, semi-distorted chord progressions, dirty-sounding riffs, thoughtfully assembled basslines, and profoundly dynamic drumming performance, you may hear the beforementioned synth themes and Hammond organ-alike ambiances. There are also some other melodic enhancements and accentuations provided on keyboards. Then you can notice a sitar effect on a second composition that perfectly goes with the rest of the ambiance. The male and female lead vocal dualities are taking the music of Akne Kid Joe on an entirely new level. Both vocals provide screams and shouts during the entire album, so their performance keeps this material even more energetic, powerful and aggressive. Die Jungs Von AKJ is a perfect choice for you if you’re deeply into punk rock sound. You can grab this brilliant full-length on vinyl, compact disc, or you can enjoy it on all digital streaming platforms. Head over to Kidnap Music for more detailed information about ordering.




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