Error_2020 – Mars EP (Geenger Records)

It’s been a while since we heard some news from Error_2020, but that was because they were writing, composing, producing their new material. I have to admit that’s probably the best technic for publishing music. You remain silent until you have something to say, and bam, serve it to the crowd. Since its debut EP, Error_2020 were known for these methods, which unquestionably work fine to their advantage. They repeated the same practices once again with their latest extended play. At least they had plenty of material to work on, considering how the past three years went for all of us. It seems like the pandemic has gotten even worse, but Error_2020 added even more themes on the bill besides struggling with restrictions, regulations, rules, and other things we all inherited since the pandemic started.

Mars EP showcases different audio and visual aesthetics compared to their previous material, but the essence is still there in their songs. The band explores all the troubles that struck the honest working man who tries to survive on this hellish planet. The band embraces all the themes you could think of at the moment. Politics, repression, control, religion, life, traveling and colonizing Mars are just some of the themes Error_2020 explored within five new compositions. The lyrics are meaningful, profound, intelligent, and they reflect all the street wisdom gathered over the years. Musicwise, this material unveils the vividly hearable progression of the sound. This time, the group strays from alternative and adds more grunge/garage rock aesthetics into their punk rock sound. They lost every connection with indie rock, which is more than a good thing in this case.

This improved sound perfectly matches the realistic, poetic, but also sometimes nihilistic lyrics. It also showcases how powerful this mixture of genres could sound when it’s assembled in a proper way. The abrasiveness, rawness, heaviness of the guitars perfectly matches the exceptionally performed rhythm section. Considering that all the musicians involved in this project are active on the Croatian underground music scene since the early nineties, their experience is notable from scratch to finish. Each member gave one hundred percent through its performance, and you can hear all the aggression, hysteria, bitterness caused by all the circumstances surrounding the pandemic. Mars EP by Error_2020 is a wisely assembled, grungy-infused, lyrically intelligent punk rock release you should check out. Head over to Geenger Records or Error_2020 Bandcamp page to find out more.

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