Governess - Never Coming Home CD

Governess – Never Coming Home CD

Governess - Never Coming Home CD

It’s been a while since I had a chance to listen/review a deathpunk band, and although I am not an entirely devoted fan of this genre, these guys are rocking pretty hard. Governess is a tremendous deathpunk quintet hailing from Buffalo, New York. From a personal experience, every artist/group from Buffalo I had a chance to stumble upon sounds outstanding, and it’s nearly mindblowing how their scene is so versatile and unique. It seems like the majority of their groups shift towards rock’n’roll sound, but maybe I just scratched the surface and tasted the smaller chunks of the scene. Governess is roaming the underground scene for a while, but the group only has a couple of full-length records, such as Let Me Be Your Governess and Never Coming Home. Never Coming Home is their brand new recording, released less than a month ago. The group released this material by strictly following the DIY ethos.

Never Coming Home represents their second full-length recording stacked with ten energetic compositions, suitable for die-hard fans of deathpunk sound. However, Governess is not entirely about deathpunk music and certainly more genres involved along the way. Besides sheer dominance of deathpunk, you may hear classic throwbacks into the seventies punk rock, sixties garage rock, plain rock’n’roll, Scandinavian action rock, and other similar sonic delicacies. However, you may also stumble upon some classic eighties LA hardcore punk maneuvers, but these movements are more serving as accentuations implemented here and there. Their music appears like a versatile amalgam consisting of something Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Adolescents, FEAR, KISS, MC5, Iggy & The Stooges would eventually record throughout their careers. The group carefully implemented each ingredient into this colossal wall of noise, so their music appears as a bit of refreshment on a repetitious deathpunk scene.

Governess solely relies upon robust power chords, classic punk rock chord progressions, cleverly assembled riffages, rock’n’roll driven themes, and other delicacies emitted through dueling guitars. The bass guitar punches right between the eyes with powerful low-end tones. These basslines provide more than necessary support to the beforementioned guitar dualities but also serve as a binding element between chord progressions and rhythmic sequences. The exceptional drumming performance keeps everything in line by firing precise rhythmic segments, appropriate accentuations, and dynamic fills. The fierce lead vocalist is layering these orchestrations with his energetic shoutouts and semi-distorted chants. Governess sounds and appears like an unstoppable rock’n’roll machine from scratch to finish.

Forget Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, MC5, The Stooges, because Governess is the real deal! This band far exceeded my expectations and knocked my socks off with their appearance. Sadly, the group sent me a compact disc, which sounds good by all means, but I assume this material resonates with more energy on vinyl, so if you’re considering purchasing this album, make sure to grab it on vinyl. Never Coming Home is available on both vinyl and compact disc on their Bandcamp page.


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